Bass the frightened tree frog crafting from popsicle sticks

Bas the frightened tree frog is a beautiful picture book, in which a lot of interaction is possible. It is not only to be used in the theme of being afraid, but is also just super fun to read to! The Knutseljuf has made a craft tip, so that you too can craft this tree frog with wooden popsicle sticks.

Bass the frightened tree frog

Jane Clarke - Veltman Publishers

What kind of sound is that? All the strange sounds in the jungle scare Bas the tree frog a little. Will Bas manage to find a quiet place to go to sleep? Someone special is ready to give him a big bedtime hug... Bass the tree frog is lost and hears all kinds of strange sounds in the jungle. Every time Bas hears a scary sound, he jumps away. But Bas doesn't have to be afraid at all because these sounds are from all kinds of animals in the forest, such as the monkeys, a beetle, a snake and a woodpecker. Eventually, Bas climbs high up the tree, but then he hears a sound again. Want to know more? CLICK HERE

Supplies:8 wooden ice sticks, green, white and blue paint (e.g. Creall top deco), 5 pieces of orange paper, piece of green and white paper, sturdy scissors, black marker, glue (e.g. Creall Kid's Glue Stick) and a twig


  • Print out the template and cut out the parts
  • Glue the 5 sticks on the frog bodice and cut out the shape with sturdy large scissors
  • Cut 4 feet of orange paper and 3 circles for the eye
  • Cut the sticks to size:2x 6cm, 2x 5cm, 2x 4cm

  • Paint the bodice, the top 3 sticks green, the bottom 2 sticks white
  • Paint the paws:3 sticks green, the other 3 sticks blue
  • Put white and blue dots of paint on his (green) back with the blunt side of a stick
  • Stick the eye and stick the legs together and to the bodice

  • Paint the twig (if you want)
  • Paint a board, canvas board or canvas cloth of min. 23cm wide and min. 25cm high (the example is 23x37cm)

  • After drying the paint, glue the twig with the frog to the substrate
  • Bass doesn't have to be afraid anymore, he's safe now!

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