Bat tinkering with clothespin

After I dyed some clothespins black, I only started thinking what I could make of it. A black cat, a zebra, penguin, spider or swallow? It's become a bat, which you too can easily make, if you want. Are you having a freak party? Then hang a rope through the room as a pendulum and hang several of these bats on it.!

Of course, they're not really creepy creatures. They are actually very interesting! Most bats eat insects, e.g. a lot of mosquitoes, but did you know that there are bats that only eat fruit? And that there are slippery noses and horseshoe noses?

In winter, there are few insects, which is why in winter the bats usually hibernate. Do you see a bat hanging in winter? Do not disturb him, because it will cost him too much energy and then he will not make it until the spring.

Supplies:1 clothespin, piece of chenille thread black, acrylic paint black (e.g. Creall Top deco ), glue, piece of black paper 4x13cm for the wings and 2 ears, and a little piece of white and pink paper, red marker (or clay piece of red paper)

From a black folding sheet and a white colored pencil you create a decor that he can sit on or hang on. It depends on whether it's summer or winter, of course!

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