Wu Tian shrugged his shoulders and spread out his hands. "I'm also puzzled about this question," he said. "I don't seem to have offended Zhong Biao." Qi Huyue thought for a moment and then said, "Do you know the'Geocentric Bead '?" "Earth-heart beads?" Wu Tian's expression was full of confusion, but he had never heard of this word. You don't know? Qi Huyue asked lightly, revealing in his tone that all this seemed to be in his expectation. But there was a trace of surprise in Huang Liang's expression, and at this moment, his hands were making subtle movements, as if they would attack at any time. Wu Tian nodded, this thing, he really did not know what it was. As if like a phantom, without any gesture from Qi Huyue, Wu Tian's bundle was already in his hand, and at the same time he took out the two luminous beads from the snake cave, the so-called'geocentric beads'. Ah Wu Tian was startled from the bottom of his heart, and when he reacted, the other party had already succeeded. But Qi Huyue took two beads and said softly, "This is the'Geocentric Bead ', and it is also the main reason why Zhong Biao wants to keep you." "Geocentric beads?"? What the hell is that? It's just something I got by accident. Wu Tian still has a deep puzzlement, such as falling into the smoke. Geocentric beads are said to be nurtured by the essence of the earth's core, because they contain powerful'elements' inside, which will accelerate the rotation frequency of the'energy universe 'of the capable when they are close to the capable. However, Huang Liang, who is on one side, said, "The increase in the speed of the operation of the'energy universe 'also represents the increase in the speed at which the capable person absorbs the'elements' of the outside world.". To put it simply, the'Geocentric Bead 'is a treasure for those who improve their abilities to practice! As a result,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, its value has risen, and the lowest price is 100 million yellow dragon coins! And there is no market for it. "One hundred million yellow dragon coins!"! Or the lowest price?! Other Wu Tian did not care, but only the price of things he heard is clear. One hundred million yellow dragon coins, that is enough to buy how many bottles of super nutrient solution! [.01616book.] Vertically and horizontally book sea & # 32; The word is big and beautiful, protect your eyes. [46] Chapter 45 Space Nirvana. Vertically and horizontally book sea & # 32; The word is big and beautiful, protect your eyes. & # 32; & # 32; & # 33; & # 33; One hundred million yellow dragon coins ! A penniless poor boy, suddenly has 100 million worth of things, but also two! So what should he do? After the dull expression on Wu Tian's face disappeared, he almost subconsciously stared at the two'geocentric beads' that belonged to him in the hands of Qi Huyue. This is an existence worth tens of millions of yuan. Seeing Wu Tian's already alert expression, where would Qi Huyue not understand Wu Tian's idea? With a faint smile, he handed the earth spirit bead in his hand to Wu Tian. "You boy, if I want to rob you, I will tell you this?" Suddenly Wu Tian could not help blushing, and the hand that had taken the geocentric beads was neither closed nor stretched out. He was so embarrassed that he wished he could find a crack in the ground. Qi Huyue smiled heartily again. "Well, Kava Root Extract ,Theobromine Powder, I won't joke with you.". Things, now that you know, you should also understand why Zhong Biao has the present practice? Wu Tian seemed to be enlightened and nodded his head. Then he was puzzled and said, "However, I heard that all the big shots at the level of psionic generals are very rich. Although the geocentric beads are worth about 100 million yuan, this money should be nothing to him, right?" Huang Liang and Qi Huyue all rolled their eyes and looked like I was defeated by you. Cough, isn't it? Seeing this, Wu Tian immediately realized that he must have gone astray again. Huang Liang gave him a white look and said feebly, "Elder brother, can't you care about its function?"? It can improve the speed of spiritual practice! Do you think anything will have this effect? There is a price but no market! Do you understand that there is a price but no market? It's not that you can buy it if you have a hundred million yuan. "Oh, well.".
” Wu Tian suddenly nodded, but from his indifferent expression, it was obvious that 100 million yuan was a hundred times faster for him than the speed of practice. Rotten wood cannot be carved! Seeing Wu Tian's appearance, Huang Liang was so angry that he beeped his mouth and tilted his head to one side, never looking at Wu Tian again. With a faint smile, Qi Huyue looked at Wu Tian and said patiently, "One hundred million yellow dragon coins is really nothing to a psionic general, but because of the role of the'geocentric bead ', even if he starts to rob it, it's possible.". Of course, the thing is not important, the main thing is that he will kill you conveniently, so as not to tarnish his reputation. I don't know if you understand something when I say that. Finally, Qi Huyue got what he wanted to see. Wu Tian's face changed, this just realized the seriousness of the matter, with the strength of his intermediate ability, the other side pinched himself and pinched an ant to death is not much different. No matter how good his mind is, he can't help losing his sense of propriety at this time. "This, this.." As if things were not chaotic enough, Huang Liang suddenly said, "Did you return what you remember to you that day?" Wu Tian nodded hurriedly, and Huang Liang added, "Something fell to the ground that day. It was me. I recognized it at a glance at that time. Zhong Biao naturally discovered it from that time.". And there were so many people present at that time, maybe there were many people who knew and recognized it. After a pause, his eyes looked around, and he could still make out some figures. The'wolf tide 'ended fairly quickly, and those who came out of the'prison village' were not necessarily all dead. Maybe some masters are hiding in a dark corner, just wait for you to be alone, and then come out and crack you. As for their strength, I think it's enough to have a psionic warrior level. Wu Tian listened to the cold sweat dripping, after the heart has been completely wet, even in the hands of the'geocentric beads' at this time also feel extremely hot,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, throw is not, do not throw is not, a face is bitter can be out of the water. pioneer-biotech.com

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