Beated by Marokanes as we went to pick up clothes for a poor man

You know me from animal food bank poezewoef wilrijk vzw, well today we went to pick up clothes for a man who has nothing and because of the misconduct of a teenager we were suddenly surrounded by 10 marokanes while the teenager was in wrong. many words were exchanged and suddenly I got knocked of a morocan in a pink cardigan who had nothing to do with the whole situation. My husband wanted to help me and was held by three men. When the police drove over the St Bernard stone road they fled, my husband threw me in the car, we fled home.

The police came to tell us that the people who were in the doorhole had said that they did not see anything (probably out of fear) the police who was with us did not want to make a pv but just a report because that is classified without result anyway. Meanwhile we are 22 days further and I still have a headache, sensitive to light and at the broken tooth the nerve is exposed

So you understand.

because I put this on fb we received an email 2 days ago stating that antwerpen no allowance anymore so that stops today. they discriminate their own people. The disadvantaged are punished by this.

So let them hit you and make sure you don't put anything on Facebook.

I hate violence both on men but certainly on women.


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