Beauty and the Beast

#history a story that tells us the life of a beautiful humble girl who lives with her father in his hut one day! the father decides to venture through the cold forest with a horse in which he ends up crashing into something! Or go a beast has come out of nowhere to surprise him takes him to a kind of prison The next day his daughter sees that he did not return ventures into the forest giving then a great castle, when entering it there was not a soul around until suddenly a great beast comes out of it, with also around many plates, glasses, teapots which seemed to have life in the house, After a great song they explain to Bella that they all fell into a terrible spell due to the prince's bad decisions to say horrible to the witch, She created a flower in terms of it, If she wanted to break the curse she had to meet the love of her life, In which Bella arrived, Although after a long time of peace and quiet the people came to the castle they tried to kill the beast they almost succeeded! but good won in the end Bella Besa a Bestia and they end up breaking the curse
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