#recipe To prepare a practical and simple dish for your lunch. Follow these instructions.

Béchamel Chicken Breasts.

These chicken breasts are so delicious that you won't leave anything on the plate! Try and you will see, they are easy to make and very juicy.

1 chicken breast.
1/2 can of tender corn.
1 cup bechamel sauce.
Salt and pepper.

Relax the breast and season.
Heat a frying pan and add some oil.
When it is hot, place the breasts.
Wait for it to be golden, turn over and let brown on both sides.
Make sure it's completely golden.
Mix the bechamel sauce with the tender corn, heat and serve over the breasts-

Clever! You saw how easy ! Now enjoy your delicious lunch! Bon appetit!

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Béchamel Chicken Breasts