Before the earth falls silent

In 2020, 2/3 of the wild animals disappeared. The pace at which #diersoorten #uitsterven is now as high as in the time when dinosaurs disappeared — we're going to hit the tree of life with a chainsaw.

If we do not stop this tragedy, biodiversity could take such a blow that our planet would stop and become unlivable. But there is hope — top scientists support a plan to turn half of our planet into a protected area and thus restore harmony with nature.

Governments will meet shortly on the decline in biodiversity. If we make our voices heard on a massive scale, we can give politicians the nudge they need to stop this mass extinction.

We're looking for the boundaries of what the Earth can handle. However, the biodiversity crisis is not high on the political agenda. If enough of us participate, we can change that.

Giving nature space to thrive is, according to scientist, the best way to save ecosystems, and 80 to 90% of animal species. Nature then uses its own wisdom to restore itself. This 50% plan sounds ambitious, but it is absolutely feasible and perhaps our only chance to save species — which also need each other to survive.

But if we want to get this off the ground, governments need to know that there is overwhelming support for this plan to protect nature from deforestation, dirty energy and industrial agriculture. Let's start today, with a huge petition and keep working until we win this!

Let your voice be heard before the earth stops

The fact that we humans have gotten so far away from nature shows a tremendous lack of wisdom. But it's not too late. We, humans, have the ability to learn and become wiser. Our collective hope for change has led to this huge Avaaz movement and together we have fought for the Paris Climate Agreement. We have the protection of 50% of our Earth at our fingertips. Let us unite, take the lead and restore the harmony between man and nature.

With hope,
Iain, Danny, Lisa, Bert, Nell, Camille and the rest of the Avaaz team

Pace extinction of animals is gaining momentum