Remind Yourself

Remind yourself of the things that you have. Though little, each blessing has been with you in times you are searching for another one. A roof above you, food that nourishes you, the tender hands of family supporting you, and the love and happiness that you didn't know you can also find within yourself.

Remind your heart to forgive of the words that once hurt and broke you into pieces. Of the mocking stares and glances of people that made you move in discomfort and feel that you are being watched in whatever you are doing. You are paranoid to make mistakes. You act not according to your will. You forget that most of the times, it's yourself you have to please and not everyone else.

Remind yourself that yes, it takes someone to feel you're whole and loved but it's actually you who can do it first to yourself. You do not need someone to make you complete. You alone is a complete God's masterpiece. Your imperfections make you whole and unique.