Being Mature Doesn't Mean You've To Stop... Z

Being Mature Doesn't Mean You've To Stop Enjoying Your Life!

You don't have to stay the same every time, you need to change according to the situation. I have seen many people who don't enjoy their life because they consider them very mature to do such things. Never be like them, there is only one life so come on stop treating yourself in this way.

Your nature not only affects your life but it also affects the life of your family. If you are serious all the time, don't like to have fun, don't even want to smile at any funny things then you are not acting mature, you are acting like a rude person.

I am not forcing you to do the things you don't like, you just need to understand the difference between being mature and rude. Let me explain this to you by giving you an example. When I am working I want complete silence and no distraction, I don't want to have fun at that time but when I am done with my work I sometimes like to dance after playing songs in high volume.


So does it make me immature? No, it doesn't make me immature! We should do the right thing at the right time otherwise we can't live a good quality of life. Live your life in the best way by enjoying every moment of your life. We all have problems and we need to deal with them in the right ways.

Being sad about those problems and crying about them day and night will not solve any of your problems. You need to stand strong in this cruel world, don't expect someone to stay by your side every time. No one supported me in my struggle while making a career in Freelance Content Writing.

I knew that no one would be there to motivate me or help me in anything. But I didn't stop, I motivated myself that "Yes, Gehna, you can do it without anyone's support!" When I remember that time when no one was there to support me and I still worked hard day and night makes me feel so proud of myself.

I developed without any support and guidance which made me stronger because I realized I don't want anyone's guidance or support to achieve my goals. You need to start believing in yourself that you can achieve anything in your life if you want to. Stop making excuses and work hard to develop your skills.


Age doesn't matter, you can achieve anything at any age. Be thankful for what you are having because the life you are living right now might be a dream of someone else. Get up every day and thank God for giving you food to eat and a place to live. Some people don't even get these basic things, many people in the world don't have food to eat and die because of hunger.

You should love your life for giving you all the beautiful things. Stay positive and stop overthinking about everything happening in your life. In this way, half of the problems of your life will be solved. Spend time with your loved ones, express your love to them, it will make you feel good.


You need to make this world a better place by being humble and kind. I know it's not possible to stay happy every time but you should at least try. You should act mature when you need to and be childish when you feel like it but at the right time.

Don't let the child inside you die, it's your life, do whatever you feel like. Hope you liked reading the post! Comment below, I would like to know your views about it.

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