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Benefits of Internet

The network of networks, internet is a network connecting communities worldwide. This great technology which brought forward tons of other advanced technologies emerged first in 1970s in United States. The internet became available for public use in 1990s. The reports of 2020 say that more than 45 billion people have the access of internet. There are different types of internet which can be used for benefits of people.

Benefits of internet:

Internet is highly advantageous facility used by public providing benefits to people in every field of life.


Communication has been revolutionized by internet. The past ways of communication took days and months to communicate to each other. Today you can contact to your loved ones sitting in the corner of world within seconds. You can call, email, message, video call, and chat with your friends and family worldwide.


Learning has been greatly increased and benefited by internet. It provides information about anything anytime anywhere. The search engines provide the access to each and every question you ask within seconds. You can also get your answers in the form of videos for better understanding of your problems and topics. Now don’t worry if you couldn’t understand a thing, internet got you sorted. Through internet you can get access to content on a variety of topics through search engines like google or Firefox. The ability to read other interesting subjects or very special topics such as science, culture, comedy, the latest technological advances, and others. The information can be accessed in any language and any device and anywhere in the world.


Today you can access your location by internet through GPS navigation system. You do not need to worry if you forgot way to your location because internet provides maps technology which gives you the quickest route to the given destination.

Address and location:

Now you can get to know the address and contact information of shops and companies directly from the internet.

Online money and jobs:

You can now earn money online from internet as well. the internet has provided may options of online money earning by freelancing, Youtube videos, e-commerce business, social media and many other options. Internet has removed the barriers and provided people with a lot of benefits including online jobs as well. It has also revolutionized the way people work. Advancement in the internet technology has greatly increased the opportunities for specialized training and learning, as well as make the job market grow faster. The internet has allowed us to connect with the companies and partners. Moreover, you can request jobs and learn about them through job portals.


The Internet is a great source of entertainment providing unlimited access to entertainment. It provides you the option of watching videos, movies, play games online, watch your favorite dramas, listen to music, etc. The platforms like Youtube and social media apps are the mostly used sources of entertainment.


Internet has its disadvantages as well. Internet is a source of addiction and people who get addicted wastes their time on it. Students are now more interested in internet than their studies. It is also a source of cybercrimes and bullying. The internet must be used for positive and informative uses. The article concludes definition, benefits, and disadvantages of internet.

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