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Best Action camera flashlight 2022


The ideal piece of extra camera gear to increase the functionality of your action camera is a flashlight. The primary flaw in all action cameras, poor low-light performance, is fixed with the action camera flashlight. When there isn't enough natural light to take high-quality films, it offers a constant, brilliant beam of light that is ideal for lighting your surrounds. Minimum brightness output is one of the most important aspect of a good action camera flashlight.

Perhaps you'd want to shoot photos inside a cave. Or make a film documenting your scuba diving exploits. To do it, it would be preferable unless you had an external flashlight. In this post we will the best action camera flashlights.

Best Action camera flashlight 2022

1. Suptig Video Lighting Dive Lighting modes


One of the best action camera flashes for 2022 is thought to be this one. You can see how easy it is to utilize this action camera flashlight thanks to its plug-and-play architecture. Suptig Video Lighting's dive light has red, white, blue, & SOS settings. The flashlight features a hot shoe mount, allowing the user to adjust light direction as needed.

Additionally, you may adjust the brightness of each colour on this action camera flashlight to a range between 1% & 100%. Selecting the ideal settings for the photography and filmmaking needs will be helpful.

This one features a set of 60 LED lights and produces lighting for around 5 hours on the high mode. Although the mid-lighting level generates around 6.5 hours of brightness, the low lighting option provides nearly 14 hours. Also even light Softbox design prevents harsh or dazzling light Adjustable color temperature

Each illumination option on the Suptig Action Camera Flashlight 60 is tailored to a specific lighting requirement. This is one of the largest light sources we've discussed thus far. The light is a great deal larger than a GoPro. The light may be utilized with a number of GoPro Hero cameras, DSLRs, mirrorless camera systems, smartphones, and other devices.

The Suptig Action Camera Flashlight is waterproof to a depth of about 164 feet (50 meters). You may effortlessly transport it to the depths of deep diving for the crystal-clear, beautiful footage. A 5200 mAh built in lithium battery powers the light and can be recharged with the adapter that is provided. Suptig offers the best Video Lights in the market.

2. ULANZI VL49 2000mAh LED Video Light


One of the tiniest, lightest, and most portable action camera flashlights is ULANZI VL49 2000mAh LED Video Light. This action camera flashlight's most current iteration has taken the place of the previous one. ULANZI LED Video Light is one of the best at this price point.

The 5500K color temperature of this amazing action camera flashlight reproduces the grandeur of the sun. Due to its versatility, it is the finest action camera flashlight for both video and close-up photos. Additionally, it works with several DSLR camera systems, including the Canon & Sony DSLRs. ULANZI also features a Large capacity lithium battery.

A total power capacity of 2000 mAh built in battery is provided by the inbuilt lithium power cell. The flash light offers 2 hours charging duration. For two hours, the light will be at its brightest setting. Using the lowest brightness setting, the battery life is five hours.

The color temperature is modifiable, so you may adjust it to your preferences. A CRI of 95+ and a total of 49 LED lights provide a substantial reduction in the post-grading workload. Three extendable connection joints are included with the lights, allowing you to expand the system's capacity by adding more lights.

Additionally, this White Light Adjustable action camera flashlight has five brightness settings and a number of temperature control options followed by built in battery. The color temperature of this action camera flashlight may also be changed from warm (2500K) to cold (5500K).

3. VILTROX VL-162T CRI95 + LED Video Light


The high-quality action camera flashlight has 162 LEDs. This fantastic flashlight features three dimming options: 10%, 60%, & 100%. You may adjust the light intensity on this camera using this function to fit your needs for shooting or filming. VILTROX is a bit different from most action camera flashlights.

Additionally, by adjusting the illumination angle with the power of all this flashlight for an action camera, you can direct the light exactly where you want it to be focused. You can constantly record movies for 30 minutes using the Li-ion battery inside. It features a built in rechargeable battery.

Isn't it amazing? This action camera flashlight comes with a USB cable, two USB charging ports, and two USB connectors. Irrespective of the lighting in your environment, with the right action camera flashlight, you'll be able to capture super bright photos and videos of your lovely adventures.

The flashlight also features interchangeable white, red, green, & blue filters which could be used as needed. The flashlight's battery life depends on how much light it produces and the specific battery type NP-F550/F960 Series. However because the battery is removable, it can run for up to 3 hours. VILTROX is the perfect action camera flashlight.

The flashlight's hot shoe clip allows the user to adjust the light's direction as needed. Two slots mostly on sides allow the user to insert additional flashlights.

4. GoPro Light Mod Action Camera Flashlight


A terrific method to brighten up your GoPro footage is using the GoPro Light Mod. Crisp detail is possible thanks to the four brightness settings, and the built-in rechargeable battery allows for up to six hours of use. The compact design is perfect for using by itself or attaching to various GoPro mounts and accessories.

The small size makes it ideal for standalone use or attachment to a variety of GoPro mounts & accessories. The Light Mod is perfect for usage in all environments because it is durable and waterproof. You can take crisp, clear, and detailed pictures and movies even in low light thanks to the adaptable and potent GoPro Light Mod camera flashlight. The powerful LED light provides 500 lumens of maximum brightness,

The battery is removable, allowing the user to charge one battery while using the flashlight with another battery - battery runtime depends on the light output level and exact battery type

The GoPro Light Mod has four brightness levels and can produce up to 200 lumens of magnetic swivel clip light, which makes it perfect for lighting dark locations or adding extra light when filming. The GoPro Light Mod is another excellent action camera flashlight for underwater applications – you can dive to a max.

Up to 6 hours of runtime are provided by the internal rechargeable battery, making it practical for lengthy shoots or prolonged use in the outdoors. . Its compact design makes it perfect for adventurous GoPro users

The GoPro Light Mod is designed to be durable and waterproof up to 33 feet, making it perfect for usage everywhere. The GoPro Light Mod could help you take clean, detailed pictures even in low light, whether you're taking pictures or films.

4. ULANZI VL-81 LED Video Light w Softbox


A top-notch light that is ideal for any filmmaker or photographer is the ULANZI LED Video Light. It has 81 beads that emit a strong, steady light that is ideal for removing any shadows. You can obtain the ideal light for any circumstance thanks to the adjustable color temperature and softbox design, which prevents the light from being excessively harsh or bright. The waterproof Compact design Compatible is also a good feature offered.

Plenty of power is provided by the built in lithium battery, built in lcd display and the Type-C charging port makes it simple to keep this LED Light charged & ready to use.

Even more potent illumination may be produced by connecting several portable action camera flashlights together using three cold shoe mounts. It has five different light modes, including a strobe for signalling and visibility if you need help in dark conditions while using your GoPro action camera.

Anyone seeking for a portable, lightweight, and reasonably priced light for photography or filmmaking may choose the Ulanzi VL-81 LED Video Light with Softbox. Similar to the viltrox vl 162t cri95, this compact yet powerful light is ideal for on-camera use and has an integrated hot shoe for simple camera attachment.

The same sa 162t cri95 led video is also provided by the softbox on the VL-81, which diffuses the light and gives off a softer, more natural appearance. It also features Four levels of brightness Rechargeable battery .

5. Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone


A fantastic tiny microphone that works with many different devices is the Movo VXR10. It's ideal for capturing outdoor activities, family vacations, interviews, live music, and YouTube vlogs. A strong integrated shock mount is part of the battery-free, robust aluminium design to reduce handling noise. The longest battery life is in SOS mode when it lasts up to 6 hours.

The best part is that, like the vl 162t cri95 led, it has a one-year guarantee. The Movo VXR10 is a great option if you're searching for an external microphone that works with iPhones, Androids, and laptops.

It has three lighting modes – the brightest one (HI) reaches 500 lumens. In this mode, the battery life is about 1.5 hours, but you can use the power saving mode (LOW), which will last up to 4 hours. It has five different light modes, including a strobe for signaling and visibility if you need help in dark conditions while using your GoPro action camera.z

The next generation creative movement is fueled by the things that Movo's produces. By developing cutting edge creative tools that provide artists the edge they need to uplevel their material, Movo's agility and creativity meet the speed and needs of today's genuine creators.

6. HONGDAK Diving Light Action Camera Flashlight


The HONGDAK Diving Light is helpful for a variety of aquatic sports, as the name indicates. It is completely waterproof and water-resistant at depths of up to 147 feet. Even at night, you may kayak or dive and still get good footage. This is because of the light source's 400-lumen maximum brightness and wide illumination angle. HONGDAK Diving Light features 3 hours Maximum brightness output.

In addition to water sports, the Waterproof LED Light flashlight may be used for outdoor pursuits including hiking and camping. It works well with nearly all action cameras. It also works nicely with a variety of camera accessories including the waterproof case for the Hero 4 Session.

HONGDAK Diving Light is a Waterproof Video Light action camera flashlight with a maximum dive depth of down to 131 feet (~40m). It is a waterproof action camera flashlight with a maximum dive depth of 131 feet.

Three LEDs in the action camera lighting configuration produce 400 lumens of light at a wide angle between 55000K and 6000K. It is lightweight at 0.4 pounds. Additionally, the flashlight has a 1000mAh polymer rechargeable battery and thus is made of premium stainless steel and very durable PC (polycarbonate).

Correspondingly it also features good 3 hours Maximum brightness output. Both of them are resistant to corrosion, even when often used submerged. A 30-day return period is offered including a two-year warranty on the set.

Aspects to consider before buying action camera flashlight

Compatible with your camera

It's important to know right off the bat if a given accessory will work with your camera. It's frustrating to waste money on peripherals that won't work with your device because you failed to check the compatibility details. Compatibility is on the most important aspect to choose the best action camera flashlight.

Adapters may allow you to attach your light to your camera, but it's simpler to just buy a light that works with your camera. The majority of lights can only be attached to certain cameras due to their unique mounting requirements. In addition, if you have a common camera, such a GoPro, you may assume that most lighting would work with it.

Even if all else fails, you can always resort to more do-it-yourself-friendly methods like gaffer tape or a custom light mount. However, we strongly advise you to simply get a light that is suitable for your camera. In the end, it saves you a lot of trouble.


The light's density is the next consideration. Even if your flash is camera-compatible, it's still going to be extra baggage. Consider how much light you need and how big you want your light to be. If the light is bright, the camera lens can capture good photos and high-resolution videos.

Having a large light attached to your action camera could be dangerous if you wear it on your head while walking around. This also applies to mounting your action camera on a gimbal. The additional load you're carrying remains, and you'll still need to give some thought to how taxing it would be to be on your feet for an extended period of time.

If you do a lot of travelling, you probably don't want to bring about a huge, cumbersome light fixture that takes up a third of your suitcase's space.

Battery life

One of the most important features of an action cam flashlight is its battery life. Think about how many batteries you'll need when you shop for an action camera flashlight. There are lights whose battery life is only a few of hours long and others whose last for days. Extend Battery Life is a must If you're filming in low light conditions,

Make sure the light you're using is adequate for the job. You must also decide whether or not you want a battery-operated light or one that can be charged. Battery life : Provision for external batteries and long battery life can mean you can shoot for longer time. So you can also bring some more external batteries if you need long battery life.

With a rechargeable torch, you'll need to stop every so often to recharge the battery. You'll still save money over time on battery replacements. A built in lithium battery-operated flashlight allows you to quickly switch out power sources and get back to work.

Weather Sealing

Those who are familiar with action cameras will understand the need of protecting their equipment from the elements. You invested in an action camera because you wanted a versatile camera, and the same should be true of your torch. The best action camera flashlights are capable of intensely bright white light and can last for hours on some good batteries.

A weather-sealed flashlight is ideal for an action camera. Take the scenario of scuba diving with a GoPro or other action camera. In that situation, you'll need a waterproof action camera flashlight. Be sure your flashlight is waterproof to the depth you'll be going to.

The only way you'll be able to use your action camera at night or in low light conditions. If the brightness of the action camera flashlight is not enough, try opening the aperture to let in more light.


The flashlight that provides you with the ideal lighting for your films is the finest action camera flashlight. There has to be enough light to see what you're recording, but not so much that you and your subjects are blinded. In order to concentrate on your movie rather than your flashlight, it is also simple to operate. We hope you must have acknweodlge the best action camera flashlights.

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