It is the wish of every woman and man to get beautiful abs. In our body, core musculature plays a vital role. The core is responsible for maintaining posture. The core supports the organs in our body. Involving yourself in abs exercise will not only improve your look as well as supports a healthy life.
It is not possible to get abs overnight. The possibility is to get abs faster in some days by following a proper diet plan and exercise routine. Abs workout routine will help you to get abs faster.  Many exercises work on abs, but here we will define the most effective exercise for abs.
If you want to get perfect abs, the following exercises will help you in this regard.
1.    Bicycle Crunches
The most effective exercise for your core area is bicycle crunches. The twisting motion on your abdomen works on your upper abs, lower abs, and oblique.
How to do it?
    Lie back and bend your knees.
    Touch the back of the head with fingertips.
    Raise your legs in the air and make a 90-degree angle.
    Now touch your legs with shoulders while twisting your torso.
    Touch your opposite leg with your elbow with each rotation.
    Complete 2 to 3 sets of this exercise.
2.    Captain’s Chair
Captain’s chair is the best exercise to get abs in little time. If you are a gym lover and daily go to the gym, this exercise will work great on your abs.
How to do it?
    Set your position into the captain’s chair.
    Put your forearms on the pads.
    Hold the chair handles.
    Slowly lift your legs upwards like you are hanging.
    Contract your core keeping your upper body straight.
    Stay in this position for some seconds and then move to the  initial position.
    Complete two or three sets.
3.    Ball Crunches
A Ball crunch is an effective exercise as it involves your core muscles to balance the body on a ball. This exercise supports good posture and prevents back injury.
How to do it?
    Take a ball and try to balance your body on the ball by sitting on it.
    Slowly move your feet forward until you go in lying position.
    Contract your muscles by raising your torso to 45 degrees pushing your naval to the back.
    Exhale when you rise your body and inhale when you come down.
    Repeat this exercise 8 to 15 times.
4.    Plank Exercise
This exercise works on abdominal muscles. This exercise boosts your metabolism and gives you perfect abs.
How to do it?
    Lie straight facing the floor with forearms on the floor with open palms.
    Lift your body upward and let your arms and feet bear the weight.
    Your arms should be at 90 degrees.
    Engage your core muscles and hold your body in the same position.
    Spine, neck, and head should be in a straight line.
    Start this exercise with holding your body for 20 to 25 seconds then increase the time up to 2 minutes.
5.    Burpees
It is a great exercise to burn body fats and get perfect abs. This exercise especially works around the area of the abdomen and stomach. This exercise also strengthens the heart and lungs.
How to do it?
    Set your body in squats position while keeping your knees bent and back straight.
    Keep a shoulder-width distance between your feet.
    Now keep your hands on the floor and hold the body weight.
    Kick your feet back and take a pushup position.
    Do one pushup and then jump to the initial position with a frog kick.
    Repeat this exercise quickly by doing many reps.
It is possible to get abs by doing these exercises. However, you need to stick on your workout routine and a healthy diet. A diet plays a vital role in getting a slim and smart body. A healthy diet not only helps you to maintain good health but also helps you to burn body fats.

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