Best friends are the best. They're there for you, whether you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to make you laugh when you're down, and they always have your back. Best friends are loyal and honest, and they can be counted on in any situation.

But with all that said: sometimes, we all just want a little bit of "friendship with benefits." And that's where best friends come in!

Best friends are great because they know how much you love them (and vice versa). But sometimes you don't want to deal with the commitment that comes with having a real best friend—you just want to be able to hang out and have fun without worrying about logistics or awkwardness. This is where friendship with benefits comes in.

Friendship with benefits means that you can go on dates together without having sex (unless that's what both parties want), but it also means that there's no commitment or pressure on either side of things; it's just about being yourselves and enjoying each other's company without any complications or expectations (except maybe for maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe hopefully).

Best friends /Friends with benefits

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