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Best Places to Visit in Pakistan during Summer 2022

Pakistan is rich in tranquility, with lush forests and rolling waterfalls and majestic mountains. Each has a unique sense of beauty that cannot be expressed in words. Pakistan tourism is not much rated compared to other countries, yet it is blessed with glorious and splendid beauty and natural wonders.

There are many beautiful valleys in Pakistan visited by tourists during summers. The article presents some of the best destinations to visit during summer 2022.

Hunza valley:


The beautiful Hunza Valley is a hidden treasure of Pakistan. It is located in the province of Gilgit Baltistan. Hunza valley nestles between the Himalayas and the Karakoram mountains. Although less frequently visited, it is the most fascinating place to visit during summers for its outstanding weather and scenic views. Its greenery, crystal clear water, mountains, and the weather makes it worth visiting.

In the Hunza mountains, there is a sense of calm and solitude. Green and rugged mountains make you feel like you are in paradise. This should be attended by those who want to escape the chaos of daily life.

Ayun And Bumburet Valley:


The valley is situated in the village of Chitral, 12 km from the town where the Bumburet River joins. No words can describe its thrilling beauty. The valley is surrounded by mountains and its lush green fields in the heart of valley present spectacular views. There is a sense of calm that the mountains offer the visitor, the beauty is absolutely delightful.

The valley is must visit place during your summer trip.

Swat valley:


Referred to as the ‘Switzerland of Pakistan’ by Queen Elizabeth II, Swat has won many hearts around the world. The valley is situated in KPK province on Pakistan. its jaw-dropping beauty, picturesque views, pleasant weather, hospitable people make the valley worth visiting during summers. Must visit the Mahodand valley, the Kallam valley, the Ushu forest, and other attractions. The place seems like a piece of heaven on earth.

The valley is popular for its breathtaking landscapes, wildlife, dense forests, sky-scrapping mountains, and spectacular lakes. Must enjoy trekking, camping, and zip-lining during your trip in summers 2022.

Naran and Kaghan valley:


Another most beautiful northern area of Pakistan, which you can visit for its beautiful weather during summers is Naran and Kaghan Valley. It is a fascinating tourist attraction situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. These valleys are an ideal place for spending summers. The flowing rivers, big glaciers, miles of meadows, snow-peaked mountains, and pristine lakes adds to its beauty. Do not forget to visit Lake Saiful Malook, Aansoo Lake (shaped in the form of tear), Lulusar Lake, and Dutipatsar Lake.



Skardu is a must visit valley in Pakistan. the valley houses beautiful pristine lakes, fresh clear spring water, and rocky Mountains. Enjoy the amazing cold weather, cuisines, and spectacular views of the valley. The valley is situated in Gilgit Baltistan region of the country.

The article concludes best places to visit in Pakistan this summer, making your summers the most beautiful one.

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