Best Singers in the theme of the Eurovision Song Contest - Best Singers

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In this special year, in which the Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Rotterdam, a Song Contest special of Best Singers can of course not be missed. This special is fully dedicated to the Eurovision Song Contest. Host Jan Smit receives top artists Tania Kross, Rolf Sanchez, Romy Monteiro, Stef Bos, Buddy Vedder and Glen Faria who together create a unique Song Contest atmosphere. They all sing different songs in their own way throughout the decades of the Song Contest. Best Singers Song Contest 2021 will be on Saturday 8 May at 21:25pm at AVROTROS at NPO 1.

The artists of this Song Contest Special are not strangers of Best Singers. Tania Kross, Glen Faria, Stef Bos and Rolf Sanchez we saw sparkle earlier in the program. Tania Kross participated in the program earlier in 2017. Glen Faria, singer and songwriter of hits such as Last te Lang and She knows it, participated earlier in 2018. Rolf Sanchez was featured in the program in 2019. Stef Bos was in the last edition of Best Singers of 2020. The song Door de Wind wrote Bos for the Belgian entry of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1989. Buddy Vedder known as presenter, singer and actor, commented on the 17th finals of the Junior Song Contest in 2019. Vedder participates in the program for the first time. Also singer, musicalstar and presenter Romy Monteiro we see for the first time in Best Singers. Monteiro presented the Junior Song Contest in 2017.

In this special, the singers translate different songs of the Song Contest into their unique style. Viewers can again enjoy the intimate living room setting as they are used to from the program. From a cosy living room, this time in a beautiful farm in Limburg, the singers listen and watch each other's beautiful and often touching performances.

Best Singers Song Contest 2021 will be on display at AVROTROS on 8 May 21.25 pm at NPO 1



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