Best Strains for Night

Among the medical circles, there has been ongoing research proving marijuana is a valuable component in numerous health conditions. Studies show that people with various forms of pain can benefit from the Grandaddy Purple weed strain every once in a while. If weed can help with pain and other health issues, can it help with insomnia?

Stoners have reported feeling different with each type of cannabis they ingest. Some claim they get creative stimulation after eating edibles or smoking a joint. Others report heightened senses of relaxation and even drowsiness. The question is, can the latter results be reciprocated?

Can Marijuana help with Sleep?

As you know, marijuana contains THC and CBD as the two major components. Research shows that these two are crucial in how the body reacts to weed intake. Do they influence sleep at any level? Whether CBD or THC can interfere with sleep is a highly contested matter.

A 2020 study had users report that they experienced a more lulling effect once they used THC. Regardless of the 'high' effect of THC on the body, there are indications that it does help with falling asleep as well as staying asleep. Also, there are significant findings that point to THC decreasing REM sleep. This means that people on weed do not often experience dreams.

On the other hand, there is the claim that CBD lessens anxiety and the existence of negative symptoms that may prevent one from sleeping. Though CBD has a reviving effect compared to THC's lulling one, combining the two could result in better sleep for the user. The exact science of the same is yet to be verified, which begs the question, do levels of THC and CBD matter?

Major Distinctions of Strains

Behind the science of THC and CBD levels is the question of strains. One strain is often more potent than another. While, for instance, purple kush may result in a more intensified head high, another may result in a lesser potency bit more relaxation. What does this have to do with sleep?

Answering the question would require an understanding of the available distinctions. There are three major types of marijuana, Indica, Sativa, and hybrid. The basic argument is that each type affects the body differently.

Contrary to Sativa's high, uplifting effect, Indica is believed to be a relaxing type. Does that mean that indica consumers are better off when it comes to sleep? Some users claim they got better sleep with Sativa and others with Indica. There is also the question of hybrids. All in all, sufficient backing shows that any form of cannabis contributes to better sleep.

The Best Strains for Peaceful Sleep

Due to the years of research, strains have been cropping up with the most creative names. Stoners from a few decades back would never have thought such creative strains would be in the picture. Also, this difference translates to potency levels and how they affect the body. The following are some of the ones that have shown positive results in helping users sleep:

Purple Kush

This indica crossbreed of Purple Afghan and Hindu Kush is well known for its sedative effects. It contains 22% THC and 0.1% of CBD. Its sedative properties are helpful when it comes to sleep. Though the users benefit sleep-wise,  this cannabis is more effective in treating pain. As pain affects sleep, taking Purple Kush would result in reduced levels of the same, allowing the user to sleep.

Northern Lights

As a combination of Afghani Indica and Thai Sativa, this one has a THC level of 18%. It is indica dominant, and it produces a body high that eases the body and the user into a peaceful sleep. Considering its potency level is not as strong, it is suitable for a more relaxing outcome.

Hindu Kush

Another member of the Kush family, this one has a 15% THC content as well as a lower than 1% CBD level. Like other Kush variants, this one offers a relaxing effect that eases the user into sleep. Though variations can go up to about 32% THC content, it generally induces the user into slumber even with its potent high.

Grandaddy Purple

This is one with a fun, creative name, and the color is even more appealing. The Grandaddy Purple is purple. It has a 12.5% THC level, up to 32% in different plants. CBD level of less than 1% is instrumental in inducing and giving users high-quality sleep.

Grape Ape

This variant is well-equipped to help users sleep because it contains myrcene. Myrcene is a terpene that has proven useful in inducing people to sleep. The component has about 12.5% THC and less than 1% CBD. Since it is rich in myrcene, it results in better sleep properties.


People have varying reasons for wanting to get high. While many users simply want to get high, some struggle with other health issues such as insomnia, pain, muscle tension, and even anxiety. In the lack of sleep sector, some strains are cited as effective in helping people sleep. With the right cannabis variant, users can go into peaceful slumber regardless of pain levels and other issues.