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Aloe vera, queen of medicine plants.

Aloe vera, queen of medicine plants.

The oldest medicinal plant, aloe vera, was already known in ancient Egypt. Nefertiti and Cleopatra would have

used it as medicine and beauty care.

The fact is that this plant possesses therapeutic functions already know for a long. Thanks to the scientific studies

we know why this plant is so interesting for medicine. The aloe vera contains numerous enzymes, minerals,

essential fatty acids, amino acids and numerous vitamins. One of the most important main ingredients is,

mucopolysaccharides, which are necessary for the filling of the space between the human cells. This substance,

which is particularly necessary and neither is necessary for the structure of the healthy cells will only be in the

aloe vera plant recovered.

Studies have shown that this active substance is one of the most important substances for the promotion of

the immune system. They reinforced the cell walls, and has a cleansing effect and cell renewal. which is very

important. Studies have shown that cancer patients who were treated with aloe vera to support chemo

therapies there faster on top than patients treated only classical. Because it strengthens the immune system,

this has a tremendous effect on any disease.

The aloe vera has many similarities with the cactus, but it belongs to the family of the lily species. She is the

niece of the garlic and the celery-like.

There are 324 species of aloe vera announced and only '4' are medicinal.

The aloe vera Barbadenis is the most powerful healing and it is therefore used for many products. This species

therefore not only gives a soothing effect on your body, they can also be used to treat all kinds of ailments.

Some ailments that can be treated with the aloe vera plant are:

-Headaches, eczema, stiff muscles, back pain, psoriasis, stomach and intestinal problems, skin diseases, gum

disease, dandruff, lice and insect bites, burns, bedsores, itching, anemia, impotence, eye complaints,

injury from radiation, scar reducing, rigors, persistent cough, jaundice, worm drifting, detoxifying, laxative,

nutritional supplement, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, abrasions and lacerations, arthritis and osteoarthritis,

Candida infection, cellulitis, ulcerative colitis (inflammation of the intestinal mucosa), constipation, diarrhea,

flatulence, foot fungus, diabetes, ME, CFS.

Thus it helps aloe vera as a dietary supplement.

It strengthens the immune system and therefore prevents infection. She supports the operation of the cells so

that the germs can be switched off more quickly, and be removed from the body. They stimulate the

metabolism and bring the body going. Thanks to the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect reactions of

the organism are avoided. This is very important in terms of allergies. It contributes to the regeneration of

the intestinal flora and in that way helps to suppress a wide range of harmful bacteria. She has a calming effect

on the stomach and intestines. Through its detox and cleansing effects separates the body more easily harmful

substances and waste products. It promotes cell growth, allowing the body revives and strengthens. There is a

recovery process and a rejuvenation process for your body.

How to recognize quality products of aloe vera?

Use only certificated aloe vera products.

That is, manufacturers use only the pure blade fillet, the manufacturers are obliged to produce with a pure

processing: for the conservation of the valuable components and to use higher concentrations of aloe vera in

their products than the average is one of the conditions to get the certificate..

If these manufacturers meet these criteria, therefore they get the IASC seal. The IASC is an international

independent monitoring agency which monitors if all the rules of art is produced.

Also the price of the product already indicates that you have quality. A product with 90% aloe vera ingredient

(first mentioned in the ingredients list) is more expensive than a cheaper product (eg 30% and aloe vera at

the bottom listed in the ingredients list and aqua (water) mentioned first).

If you buy an aloe vera product and you want to be sure of the quality you can always check this on the website

of IASC: www.iasc.org

You can also see on this site who have lost ther cerificate of quality; so you have no surprises!

Always consult your physician if you want to try this drug.

Bibi make up queen is not responsible for damage to people who do not first have informed their doctor about

the use of their drugs in conjunction with this dietary supplement.

Bibi makeup queen.

Ik gebruik het vaak als after sun.
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ofcourse, but did you know it cools down the burnwound, let the skin regenerating much quicker. Burnwound even sun brun use always aloe vera. Greetings, bibi make up queen
13-11-2016 20:23
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Kan ik snappen
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Hope you find it interesting. I hope you keep follow my blog. Thanks for reading my article. Greetings, bibi make up queen
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geloof ik graag ja
13-11-2016 19:56
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Hi,bamboehart. I drink it every morning to keep me provided of the best vitamins, and to boost my immuunsystem. Me as a chronical ill patient has to do something when classic medical care doesn't help. Greetings, Bibi make up queen
13-11-2016 19:59
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The queen is growing in my garden abundantly. I also use it as facial mask and hair treatment.
13-11-2016 18:40
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Hi ofcourse, it regenerates your cells, provide them of collgene to smoothen your skin and makes you have a younger fresher skin. But it does more then that. Thanks for your comment. greetings Bibi make up queen
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