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Bibi is blogger for Modellenland E-zine.

Bibi is blogger for Modellenland E-zine.

Last week I was on facebook and saw an ad for a modeling e-magazine. I also do fashion shoots and so I was interested in this topic, I took a look at the e -zine 'modellenland'. First of all because a colleague girlfriend- makeup artist her makeup work was published in the e-zine. Nice to see her evolve as a published artist and to see her work. I wish her wholeheartedly the best. On that site I also saw that they asked for bloggers, so I decided to raise my courage and sent an email.

Some time later I received a friend request on Facebook from the owner who manages the site. He asked if he could read somewhere some of my articles and if I had a website. Sure I gave him the link. After chatting back and forward he told me he'd like that I would take care of the beauty section of the e-zine. Well he did not have to ask me twice! He liked my articles and thought a beauty section would fit in it's niche market. Finally, models are crazy about make up and beauty products. And as you already know, of course I just blog about beauty brands that are vegan, so it's a chance to make more people aware of healthy, natural beauty products. This week the first blogs will appear, some of you have already read them here, but that does not take away the fun to come this week with new blogs.I chose to place first the older blog posts because I want to make people aware of how you know to buy beauty products without harmful ingredients, and about that I have already written enough about the past. But with a new audience, I want this information also providing to the new readers. I hope by this that I am finally going to have more scope for my blog articles. Finally, that's something every blogger dream about. This week you can click on this link to read my blogs.


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