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Ear and body candle therapy.

Ear and body candle therapy.

What is ear candle therapy?
What is an ear candle?

An ear candle is a hollow candle that is made of linen cloth, and is soaked in beeswax. In addition,

 herbs are added, and is known for its healing properties.

Already the Indians, especially the Hopi Indians, applied the  ear candle therapy for various ailments.
You have in Belgium 2 ear candle brands: Biosun and Hopi.
I work mainly with the Naturhelix earcandles of Hungary.
Ear candling is the doctor of the poor people in Hungary.

What does the therapy?

The ear candle is lit at the top and put on the painful area to be treated. This may be in the ear (earaches, 

Tinitus, sinuses inflammation, flu ..) or any other body part.

Thereby always make sure the two ears should be treated, because the ear is the vestibular system. 

They let the candle burn until the ring mark.

This treatment relaxes and relaxes the patient and also treat the disease picture.

Besides the ear candling Naturhelix also has the body candles, feng shui and chakra candles. 

The candles are available with various essential oil fragrances.

These are less known because they come from Hungary.
These candles are natural products and have more than once proved their use in my family.

These candles can be used to for working on chakra's, treat swollen glands, boils, warts removing, fever, ...
You can not name it or I use the candle to treat my family.

True story:
The daughter of my neighbor is a violinist and since a day and a year she walked with chest pain. 

After consulting with the doctor she was found to have a pleurisy by the attitude you take to play violin.

After several visits to the doctor and getting cortisone, there was still no improvement in sight.
When my neighbor told that I told her you do have ear candles, use them whatsoever.
She dared not as good and said that I should treat her daughter.
Supposedly than done. Sophy came that night to me for a treatment.
First I put mora silt at the site to find out where the inflammation was correct.
On that place I put an ear/ body candle and she felt 'draw'. I said this was normal because the candle takes

 effect. After a 20-minutes treatment it was over.

I then made a clay composition with essential oils and gave advice as to make this evening a compress and go 

to sleep with it. Burn every morning a body candle with the clay compress and to do this for a week.

After 2 days Sophy came to tell me that she was dying of pain and whether this was normal.
I reassured her that this was no exception and it usually breaks out well before you get rid of it.
The next day she came to reassure me that she had no pain, but I advised her to really sustain the treatment

 despite the pain was now stopped.

Two weeks later she came to thank me, because she had been to the doctor to see the picture if the problem 

was solved.

And yes, even the doctor was stuned when he saw nothing wrong on the picture !!
She told me If I had known before, I came to your right away then I would not have suffered for a year with 

this problem.

Do you have questions about this therapy you can always mail me bmakeupqueen@gmail.com

Bibi make up queen.

Bibi Makeup Queen can not be held responsible for any damages resulting from application of this Article. 

You must at all times consult a qualified therapist or physician !!! Do not perform the treatment at your own!!