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Homo Energeticus.

Homo Energeticus.

For people who have built up energy shortages (CVS, fybroyalgie and burnout) this book gives you a lot of

information about what too little energy can do to your body.

The author also gives information about alternative therapies, proper diet and nutritional supplements.
Also, I am convinced that what you eat should be good for your health. That our food contain less vitamins

and essential nutrients, it is no wonder that we are facing shortages of energy that can manifest in diseases

such as CFS, burnout, fibromyalgia. It was him who inspired me to study orthomolecular myself.

I myself was diagnosed with CFS in 2008. It was a hard blow.
I have worked very hard in the catering industry. 19 hours running on one day was no fun and eat yeah not

much came of it at home (even though I'm a cook!). Now I am convinced that nutrition really is necessary and

healthy food for a healthy mind and body.

For several years I have gone round the healthy way as they say, not just swallow pills, antibiotics wich I do

not want in my house anymore, eat healthier, take nutritional supplements. I have to say it is getting better but

I am not curied at all from CFS yet.

That takes time, especially if I have committed 23 years of abuse of my body.
With this book I had a lot of info and advice, so it isrecommanded if you also struggling to anyone with

energy shortages.

Furthermore, I myself have done a lot of research and tried many therapies. This quest has brought me were

i'm today now, so i've got inspired and want to write a book about good health and keep your body in shape.

I hope that soon I can publish my book in order to be a support to other CFS patients.

Meanwhile you have this interesting book.

Gay Energeticus.
Dr. Peter Aelbrecht
ISBN: 978 90 02 22 328
Customized publishing

This book is in Flemish but you will find on the internet all the information about this doctor.

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