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Living nature, 100% natural.

Living nature, 100% natural.

For 25 years Living Nature is a leader in the world for natural, safe and effective skin care.
When we say that their products are 100% safe and natural, we do not mean probably safe, or mainly, of course, but really 100% both.
They use some of the most remarkable ingredients in the world, but what they leave out is just as important. They have a very simple mantra: if there is a question about the safety of an ingredient, they do not use it anyway.
In Living Nature products you will not find any of the following ingredients:
• Endocrine disruption to synthetic preservatives, such as: ◦ Parabens
◦ Ethelhexyglycerin
◦ Hydroxymethylglycinate
◦ iodopropynyl butylcarbamate
◦ Methylchloroisothiazolinone
◦ Methylisothiazolinone
◦ Unigerm
• neurotoxic preservatives such as phenoxyethanol
• Rough surface such as sodium, ammonium and lauryl / laureth sulphates
• Petrochemicals, such as PEG's, paraffin and other glycols
• silicone, mineral oil, artificial fragrances, grain alcohols
• Phthalates
• Bisphenol-A (BPA)
• Genetically modified or irradiated ingredients

Living Nature is certified by BDIH Germany - a world leading independent certification company of natural skin care and cosmetics.
The Germany-based association's uses some of the most stringent worldwide standards for products claiming to be natural. They go far beyond the ingredients, taking into account the environmental impact of the procurement of raw materials and production, how the ingredients are handled, the genetic modification and the expectations of consumers. The standards also prohibit the use of radiation to disinfect and what's more, the entire range of a company must meet the criteria to achieve the Certified Natural Cosmetics requirements.
It is one of the most difficult certification to get there, which is why they are so proud that they BDIH certified, and in many cases exceed their legal norms, so they add more natural ingredients in their products. Every year they get quality control of the BDIH label and that is not the cat.

Whole Foods Premium Body Care
Many of Living Nature products also proudly wear the Whole Foods Premium Body Care symbol. As the largest retailer of natural skin care products from the US, they have established the Whole Foods Premium Body Care to identify the most exceptional personal care products, with the highest natural norms. It took experts Wholefood more than two years to examine carefully what  ingredients meet the requirements. Using the most current security and control requirements, research and resources that are available, each ingredient has been tested in the four key areas of quality, sourcing, environmental impact and safety, they could discover more than 400 ingredients that are unacceptable to Premium Body Care.

EWG: Skin Deep

They tell the truth about their ingredients, products and production processes, because they have nothing to hide, they say. Look and compare the contents and safety of your skincare and cosmetics here with Living Nature this link: ewg.org / Skin Deep.

Source: http://www.livingnature.com

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