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Make up artist, a great job to have!

Make up artist, a great job to have!

Every woman loves to make her beautiful with the help of make up. It gives us self esteem, it brightens us and above all it makes us feel better. Therefore, the art of being a make-up artist is a particularly good feeling job. After all,  you makes feel women good about themselves. I started as a consultant for wellness products and regularly I received questions from customers about how to apply it, what beauty product was the best for their skin or what make up suited the best for their eyecolour for example. I didn't have the experience with make up, lets say only the home, garden and kitchen experience for which I to call it, but really professionally, no experience at all. There is so much more to it. Color knowledge, techniques, recognizing face shapes, recognize mistakes and correct right ... 

So I decided to train for the profession make-up artist. Artistic I was not, so then we had to perform imposed tasks , the panic hit me on to the heart.

 From then it went actually better and better. Indeed, practice makes perfect. But it still made me not really welcomed my creative side. Then came the Facebook groups. I could work on my portfolio at a leisurely pace and equal gain experience in the circuit of hobby photographers. Meanwhile, we had a lot of photo shoots on and I'm always amazed how my creativity got better and better. I love colors, people, stress how the make up ultimately will look like in the picture, consulting with the team, build concepts.

 In short, every photo shoot always gave me an adrenaline rush. I always put the bar higher, from ordinary fashion make up I switched to more difficult, extreme make up. I realy think it is my thing, and when a model, photographer or principal  is happy of the result it gives me enormous satisfaction. Only work as a make up artist can be enormously stressful, you are time bound and sometimes it doens't run like it should be, but it turns out good at the end of the day. I would like to show some of my work where  I'm proud of. Thanks to the photographers and models. I hope to sweeten you  with these beautiful pictures.

Bibi make up queen.

Rosa Black, fotograaf Leo Poppe Fotograaf Leon VB Tamara fotograaf Leo Poppe Rosa Black fotograaf Lou Janssen Melissa Huysmans fotograaf Ria Van Der Logt

Knap gedaan wauw!
08-02-2017 18:47
08-02-2017 18:47 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Thanks Adriana. Greetings, Bibi make up queen
18-02-2017 14:14
18-02-2017 14:14 • Reageer
Lisa Kiburg
Heel knap zeg!
09-12-2016 22:42
09-12-2016 22:42 • 1 reactie • Reageer
thanks Lisa. Greetings Bibi make up queen
13-12-2016 15:39
13-12-2016 15:39 • Reageer
Mooie make-up voorbeelden. Ik ken er wel niet veel van, maar ik vind het wel mooi. :)
16-11-2016 17:52
16-11-2016 17:52 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Hi Rudi, Thanks. Greetings, Bibi make up queen
17-11-2016 14:45
17-11-2016 14:45 • Reageer