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Make your own beauty products. Lipbalm.

Make your own beauty products. Lipbalm.

ingredients: sweet almond oil, coco butter, geranium essential oil and a snif of sweet red pepper

Melt au bain marie the sweet almond oil, coconut butter and the bee wax and mix it good.

Add a snif of red pepper and an essantial oil of choice. Her i used geranium. Use 8 drops.

Pore in small jars and put it in the fridge to stiff up.

Use the lip balm for moistering your lips in the winter.

Bibi make up queen.

Nadine Van de Velde
Lijkt me leuk, ga ik aan mijn dochter vertellen... Zij experimenteerd graag, ook met slijm en dergelijke :-)
06-12-2017 17:19
06-12-2017 17:19 • 1 reactie • Reageer
hi, some bookstores sell books about making your own beauty products, it would be a nice start for het to have some recepices and the basic knowledge of aromatherapy wich are the basic ingredients in vegan beauty products. Must warn that some essential oils are dangerous if you do not know for what they work, you can get burned, and allergic to it. so read some good books about this topic. I studied aromatherapie at the Sorag academy . gretings, Bibi make up queen
07-12-2017 17:22
07-12-2017 17:22 • 1 reactie • Reageer