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Make your own beauty products. Massage bar.

Make your own beauty products. Massage bar.

100% vegan
ingredients: coco butter, shea butter, bee wax, cacao nibs, essential oil geranium.

use: let the bar melt in your hands and massage your body with it to leave the scent on your skin.

shea butter and the coco butter nourish your skin while geranium give your body a nice scent.

Melt the coco butter, shea butter and the bee wax au bain marie and mix al ingredients al to gether.

Let the mix cool down a little and add the essential oil of choice. Pore the liquid in a mold and put it in the fridge. 

When it is stiff enough take it out of the mold and keep it cool in the fridge or wrap it up as a gift.

Hope you enjoy the massage bar.

Bibi make up queen