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Parabens, dangerous?

Parabens, dangerous?

Why are parabens dangerous?
Parabens are a range of preservatives. They are mixed by any number of other materials and avoid the

occurrence of development of bacteria or fungi. They are widely used in products we use every day, such as

cosmetics and hygiene products. Parabens are part of the substances contained in our bodies without us

often realize that we include them.

But, and there's the problem, parabens disrupts the endocrine system. Once in the body they have about the

same effect as the female hormone estrogen. That effect is of course very minimal, but that does not mean

that they can not affect our health. Parabens and our health, arguments and counter arguments. Parabens are

suspected of several things.

The first criticism is an increased risk of breast cancer, although this is still unproven despite the many studies in

this area.

Another point of criticism concerns the skin. Parabens might cause exposure to the sun accelerated skin aging

and give skin cancer risk. A painful thing, because parabens are often in sunscreens. The link is for the time

being not yet established, not in the laboratory and not in the "real" life. These potential risks should be

weighed against the positives of parabens. According to dermatologists are always the least harmful and

best tolerated preservatives.

If we keep our cosmetics safe, we need to use alternatives that we know less well, also not without risks, and which

also may be less effective.

What to do with parabens?
Science gives no such answer. However, it is clear that also a lot of endocrine disruptors contained in the

environment. Not the action of a few, but the effects of all parabens together should worry us. If there are in

your favorite products parabens and if you react to products you should not get panic. You just buy a product

without parabens.

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