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Ringana cream concentrate 2

Ringana cream concentrate 2

The range of RINGANA vegan products I have the following product tested, the cream concentrate 2. Of this product, there are 4 types, each marked with a number and for a particular skin type. (White steel bottle package).
I have the No. 2 tested because it was in the test deck, but it was not for my skin type, mine is oily. The cream concentrate 2 is actually for normal skin, but my skin is oily especially on the T-zone, but I can also use this cream.

The cream smells nice again, but as you already know, there are no added perfumes and the scent of plants and herbs that have been used in the product smells yummie. This cream has working extracts of tomato extract, olive fruit extract, walnut extract and grape extract. The skin types which you can use the product for is normal skin and combination skin. The cream works on a water-oil emulsion and the regeneration operating plant extracts ensure the renewal of skin cells, also the skin is protected.

Apply the cream concentrate on after you have cleaned your skin with facial toner. You do this by applying three dots on your fore head, one dot on each of your jaw and one on your chin. Then insert and massaging the skin. The cream feels soft and gives you a fresh look. For the hydration of the skin, this cream is the best. However, the cream does not feel greasy when you apply, it is absorbed directly by the skin. After a week my skin looked better hydrated.

Apply the cream not only on the face but also the neck and décolleté morning and / or evening.

For me, the product works and is highly recommended.

Price: 41,40 euro
50 ml

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Bibi make up queen.

Heel interessant hoor
06-01-2017 14:29
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Interessant voor alle geïnteresseerden... Dus voor alle vrouwen!
16-12-2016 20:14
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Thanks. I read your articles to and visted your website. Great content. I will read definitly more of you. Greetings, Bibi make up queen
19-12-2016 13:58
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