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Spastic colon or irratable bowel syndrome.

Spastic colon or irratable bowel syndrome.

Spastic colon or bowel PDS
What few people know is there as the brains produce endorphins, this also occurs in the abdomen. Endorphins determine how we handle stress and pain, which suppress pain and ... give us a blissful feeling . But in our country hundreds of thousands of people suffering from a spastic colon; better known as irritable bowel syndrome  and they don't even know it! There is a constant voltage alternating work between our brains and our bellies and if something is not working on this exchange, the communication between the two or in the transmission of nerve cells in the abdomen, then we do not feel good. There may even bowel symptoms arise, where some doctors don't find the cause of your complaints.

The symptoms are real: regurgitation of stomach acid, which is bloated and tummy hurts, colic and bowel movement that is irregular.
Often one or almost no one has a lot of watery diarrhea often alternate with hard obstructions.
Studies with ultrasound, radiology, scan, blood analysis, even gastro-intestinal mirroring show often nothing.
The above symptoms should therefore be further investigated thoroughly.

Pain and alternating diarrhea and constipation may point to the Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis.
Often the reaction of the doctor 'it will be probably stress "and subscribe you a tranquillizer.
Spastic colon finds the specialist and prescribes a remedy for antispasmodic and thus is the end of it.
If you aske for explanation you often gets the answer that is between your ears.

No, it is not between your ears, even though stress often plays a not inconsiderable role. To often find the doctor, no specific cause here.
But the neurotransmitters in the belly indeed play a key role here , that much is clear. We will explain why.

Often there is a disturbance of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which works not only on the state of mind but also enhancing or working clogging on the muscles of the stomach, bronchial tubes, uterus and the intestine. In addition, therefore, be added once at the intestinal mobility.

Food in healthy people bowel continued makes a kneading, slidding movement in the small intestine is sent to the large intestine.
People who have spastic colon this happens in shocking, short, quick movements. Also, this process takes place in the intestine in this way: too fast or too slow: diarrhea or constipation. The intestine is also sensitive to stress than in healthy people's bowel.
One often has little to no symptoms in vacations and the symptoms starts again when you get back to work.
But we can not blame it all to the stress.
The root cause of this syndrome are in search control in previous gastro-intestinal inflammation, especially when the intestinal flora was not optimal or a food allergy or intolerance and place the chronic use of drugs found or still finds.
After all, there are drugs concealed in many laxatives. Anti-inflammatory drugs, blood pressure and antidepressant agents entail blockages.
Gastrointestinal inflammation (sores) can be treated with antibiotics and sometimes even years on end with acid defendants, which the acid-base balance, the enzyme metabolism and bowel movement can influence negatively.

Patients suffering from spastic colon also have a deeply disturbed intestinal flora. This also serves as the first to be addressed.

Our food is full of triggers
How about milk, sorbitol (sugar substitute sweetener which is in pear naturally and aspartame, refined sugar (while all sugars work enteric fermentation in hand), gluten, coffee, tea, alcohol, chocolate.

If you not treat this on time it can turn to Crohne's Dissease. This is a very severe bowel dissease. Later on I will write an article about this dissease.

Notice that any bowel complain also can indicate something more serious. did you know your bowel is the biggest immuumsystem of your body? So protect it well and keep it healthy. 

But you do not have to sit with pain and symptoms. A probiotic remedy can do much and watch your diet as well.
Especially do not eat spicy, eat slowly, chew your food well (30 times per bite of food).
I'm also a patient with irritable bowel and since I take probiotics I have less trouble and problems.
I notice it best if I walk around with my pain, if I don't take my pills for a while.

A good probiotic contains 12 strains of bacteria that are naturally present in your gut. Each capsule must have a million bacteria.

I've tried many brands and I'm stuck with Probiotic 12 of LR Health & Beauty Systems because I feel this really gives me a result.
The capsule is double-walled so that the capsule is not dissolved in the stomach by the stomach acid but only does its effect in the intestines. That is a much more efficient technique, because most products dissolve already in the stomach so that, as the probiotic drink Yakult, Danone Activia which I have also tried, working inadequate.
Further you can to soothe the stress and nerves take Primacalm. The body's endorphins are boosted by laughing from the belly, light sport, relaxing massage and dance.
And what is allowed is occasionally PURE chocolate.
To support you can also take Aloe vera drinkgel (LR Health & Beauty Systems) and this 3 times a day 30 ml.

Aloe vera helps due to its operation, by adhering to the intestinal wall and thus forms a barrier which prevents the absorption of unwanted substances. Aloe vera gel also provides for the improvement of the intestinal blooming and a better absorption of vitamin C and B12. It fights bacterial and viral intestinal infections and inhibits the growth of the Candida albicans fungus. In the stomach, aloe vera has a soothing and protective effect on the mucous membrane.

It is also important to keep your acid-base balance levels at the right level, that can be done with Probalance (LR Health & Beauty Systems).

Go with intestinal and stomach problems always to your doctor !!

This message indicates only guidelines, go for further advice always to your doctor. Bibi make up queen is not responsible for any damage to persons who do not follow the advice of their doctor gave.
These opinions on this blog may be different for each person !!!

Bibi makeup queen.