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Starbox with parfumes.

Starbox with parfumes.

I recently received from a friend a parfumbox of LR Health & Beauty Systems. This box was not for nothing called STARBOX. In the box you find toppers of the parfumworld, in samples form. So you have the mens line and women's line of world stars who have created their own parfume line with LR. Some of these well-known names are Bruce Willis, Emma Heming-Willis (his wife) and Karolina Kurkova there are some that I want to mention.

LR designs for more than 25 years of high quality parfumes that contains good quality of fragrance, high quality content materials, contain high perfume oils  and a proven long duration of the odor retention. This parfume contain more parfume oils than it should contain by the cosmetic law in order you could name it as parfum. Lower levels of parfume oils than the minimum the product is called eau de toilette.

The box contains a number of their classics where they once made their reputation in the field of parfumes. Some of these parfumes are already more than 15 years, international at the top.

I recieved once in the past a parfume LR gift, but then I had no idea that it came from that company. My favorite parfume Heidi Klum "Dreams" is unfortunately no longer available at LR. But that does not makes me sad. It is true that the stars come and go at LR, just because they want to compete on the market. Today star A is in the spot light, and tomorrow it might all star B who is  standing on the red carpet. Conveniently, you flip open the box and you found in one flap the parfumes for the men and the ladies parfumes you find in the other flap. Also, the parfumes are classified according to a fragrance cartridge. So you have eg fresh-floral-recessed or floral-fruit-sensual. There is also a brochure with a brief description of the parfumes at.

This box is a useful idea as a gift box as eg if you have no idea what parfume to buy for your beloved ...The parfumes are available in nice large size of 50ml and the prices vary between 34.99 euros and 39.99 euros. This is not that expensive if you compare it with the perfumes of the parfum shops prices where you soon pay for a 50 ml bottle soon between 60 and 120 euros. The box is available from 39 euros. The prices of their classic fragrances start from 16.99 to 28.99 euros for a 50 ml bottle.  You can't buy the parfumes from the STARBOX at the local parfume shop like Douglas.., so if you want those cute perfume bottles collected  you get a chance here, because they are unique pieces. 

But what makes LR fragrances so unique? 

They contain a very high proportion of parfume. By DERMATEST tested scent adhesion. Exclusive Starbox parfume, there are few parfume manufactures who have so many perfumes of stars in their range. LR cooperates with the most prestigious perfume houses in the world.  LR can boast German quality.

So where can I purchase these products?

Well you can only order at a home party with an LR partner. If you now Tupperware and Avon, LR is a company that works the same way as the two I  mentioned. t the home party you get advise about the products of qualified person.

Bibi make ip queen.

Pictures form www.lrworld.com