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The vegan nailpolish Scotsh Natural.

The vegan nailpolish Scotsh Natural.

I recently read in a magazine for professional nail technicians that there is finally a brand of nail varnish which was vegan. With vegan, I mean, and you know now already me as a vegan addict make up queen, products that do not contain harmful substances for mankind and the environment.

When I tried this brand to see if it really could be that way, Scotch Naturals is in my eyes one of the only nail polish brands that are 100% free of all phthalates, parabens and toxins. With three important ingredients namely castor oil, shellac and alcohol NaturaLaq is the first and only nature-based nail polish if not, the most safest and most luxurious product in its segment.

Further, it strikes me that the sometimes pungent smell of other brands is much sharper than that of Scotch Naturals, which I think is a plus. Certainly, if you as a nail technician spent the whole day in a room scented with chemicals. For the quality Scotch Naturals, the brand should not inferior to other professional nail products.

My choice was quickly made as a nail technician to use the nail polish: Long Live Scotch Naturals

Also I read on their website that Scotch Naturals is a natural, gluten-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free and biodegradable. Also they give boasts that they freely and cruel animal-free (read test and cruelty-free) produce.

With that knowledge it made me a huge fan.

For now, this brand is on sale only in the more expensive perfume stores and nail stylists who offer only natural products in their range.

It is quite pricey, you count soon $ 15 for a bottle. But for that price I like to encrease my earthly footprint for menkind and nature.


Bibi makeup queen.

Nice that it's vegan :)
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Hi Xandra, I only look and test beauty products wich contains almost none to none harmful chemicals. some products are hard to find which are 100% vegan. But the market is changing and that's good to. Maybe you should read my article too about the vegan list. There you find vegan brands. The list will be more expanded by the more products i found and tested. Even the article what to watch when you buy beauty products could help you out by buying the right beauty products. Hope this info helped you out. Want to follow more go to my facebook page Bibi make up queen Bibi make up queen
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