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Vitamin A reduces wrinkles!

Vitamin A reduces wrinkles!

Arecently published study shows that face creams with Vitamin A dramatically reduce the depth of wrinkles and a significant improvement in the appearance of the skin in older women. The study is based on the most advanced clinical trials in the field of para-medical cosmetics (Cosmedics) has developed various preparations of Vitamin A and Retinol.

A study conducted at the University of Michigan was able to show that face creams based on vitamin A age wrinkles drastically encreases. This is the first time in wich research has shown that topical treatment with vitamin A and derivatives - retinol veratin A reduces expression wrinkles and lines.

However, the study, which kicked up a storm in a glass of water, in contrast to many previous studies, this time it was not a laboratory study of skin cells, but a clinical study with the participation of women, and not just women - but women with a average age of 87! This important study, published in the medical journal Archives of Dermatology, found that the use of retinol - a derivative of vitamin A, a significant rejuvenating and anti-aging effect had in the skin of the test subjects.

The test subjects were applied the cream topically - on the inside of the arm -, a cream with retinol concentrations of 0.4 percent or alternative moisturizer without retinol. After 24 weeks, the researchers explored the biopsy samples of women had their skin tissue and found significant differences in the depth of the pleats between the side on which the composition is applied, and the untreated side (as carried out a biopsy, the researchers had preferable to add the treatment to apply on the skin of the arm and not the facial skin, and they chose the inside of the arm, where the skin is thin and similar in structure to the facial skin).

An analysis of the samples showed that retinol produce two parts of the skin - glycosaminoglycen and procollagen did increase sharply. The glycosaminoglycen glucose molecule is a well-known for the important property for the binding of large amounts of water, and is used as such in order to support the skin tissues. Procollagen is a precursor of collagen produced in our skin.

Increasing the production of procollagen leads to the increased production of collagen - the main component of the skin.

The mechanisms of action of vitamin A in the skin and its importance in order to keep the skin young and healthy are not just limited to these two substances. Vitamin A has long been recognized as one of the most powerful antioxidants that protect the body from harmful oxidizing effects of free radicals. Among the many functions in the body, vitamin A is essential needed to keep our skin smooth ..

Studies in the field of dermatology which is aimed at this vitamin and its derivatives - retinol and vitamin A was found that these are one of the only substances which, when applied topically is not only slows the aging of the skin, but also the condition of existing wrinkles improve and restore the skin. The studies showed that prolonged topical application of Vitamin A accelerates the production of collagen and elastin fibers that keep the skin structure and elasticity, and hyaluronic acid of the dermis is thicker and softens expression lines and small scars resulting in anti-aging effects .

Aside from the great importance in the treatment and delaying the signs of aging of the skin, vitamin A helps regulate the production of melanin pigment. Melanin is the pigment in skin that protects the skin from sun rays. Further research has shown that this vitamin can also be accumulated to repair the damage to the skin after sun exposure, and the dramatic fade pigmentation. Moreover, it is demonstrated that topical application of vitamin A or retinol improves the condition of the skin in cases of acne. Regular topical treatment helps the separation of oil from normalize the sebaceous glands and narrows them reduces the comedones and improves the appearance of the skin.

If you want to protect your skin from aging and wants protection from the outside world polluting buy anti aging products with a high content of vitamin A and retinol. Meanwhile, I do not tell you all how to read the ingredients list of such products.

For new readers I explain briefly out. The most active ingredients are at the top of the ingredients list. Consequently, the higher they are (the component that you would like to have, in this case, vitamin A and retinol) how contains more% of that component of the product. So you can determine quality / price and whether you get value for money.

Source: http://www.israelcosmedics.com

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