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Vitamine A.

Vitamine A.

Earlier I told you that a good anti aging product should contain vitamin A. Vitamin A combats the aging of

the skin namely, in different ways.

Thus, vitamin A stimulates the production of collagen, making your skin soft and supple. More resilience and

elasticity of the skin.

Good anti wrinkle cream containing vitamin A is not only effective against fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin A is

also active against dark spots that often from the 30 th year of the disfiguring skin caused by sunbathing in

the preceding years.

In addition, vitamin A provides good anti wrinkle creams to smooth skin thickness, improved hydration and

better skin tone. Vitamin A promotes cell division, making your skin smoother and more radiant.

Of course, the best anti wrinkle cream needs more than just vitamin A. Other vitamins, antioxidants and other

ingredients needed to work together in synergy.

Please note that pregnant women should limit use of vitamin A for the unborn child.
In most anti-aging creams there is not even sufficient ingredient vitamin A to Harm the unborn child, but

the effects are well known to overuse of vitamin A. In most creams is vitamin A in very low concentrations in

the ingredient list. Brands such as L'oreal, kruidvat ... not even contain the daily recommended amount and are

usually listed at the bottom of the ingredients list. Vitamin A is also an expensive component for the producers

and they save, it is sufficient if the product makes mention of vitamin A, there are not really legal provisions in

this area. Less known brands, which are also much more expensive than regular brands can contain higher

concentrations of vitamin A.

So always read the ingredients list when buying care products.

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