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What is Micro Silver?

What is Micro Silver?

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What is Micro Silver? 

It is a nano-porous silver (silver powder, particle size about 11.6 microns), with a mushroom-like surface 

structure. It has a large active surface area, the operation of which made usable in the products of the 

MICROSILVER series for the first time, for the cosmetic application on the skin.

Pure Microsilver operates regulating and stabilizing. In combination with additional substantive valuable 

substances, such as hydroxyapatite, defensil, Ectoin, mineral stone extract or mineral compounds, the operation 

of the various products is enhanced. Did you know LR Health & beauty systems was to first company who used 

it in beauty products?

Why Skin Care with Micro Silver?

Many competing products use colloidal silver (zilverdispersies, silver salts, silver protein). Our nanoporous 

silver with mushroom-like surface structure and consistent particle size, responding only to the skin surface. 

Unwanted additional phenomena are not to be expected, in contrast to chemical compounds of silver 

(silver salts), which are in part used in the same fields of application and products.

MICRO SILVER PLUS skin care products have many advantages: the active substance Microsilver acts

 regulating and stabilizing. In combination with valuable additional content

acts regulating and stabilizing. In combination with valuable additional content of mineral substances or 

compounds, the operation of the various skin care products is optimized.

The versatile use of Micro Silver.

Micro Silver finds its application in numerous body and skin care products. In the area of oral hygiene, it is used 

in products for sensitive gums and against bad breath. In skin creams Microsilver is recommended for impurities

 and skin blemishes and helps with dry, cracked skin. Therefore it is highly recommanded for acne skin problems.

Also with flakes and body / underarm sweating the Micro 

Silver products can be used.

This is what Micro silver does. I tested these products for quite some time and I'm enthusiastic.

I sweat a lot, especially if you are on photoshoots in a warm room make up or on the set exposure under the hot 

lights. Then you will certainly spread no smell;

Some deodorants that I tried worked very short, but when a friend advised me Micro sliver, I was immediately

 sold. LR Health & Beauty Systems was thus one of the first who brought it to the market. But many brands 

followed the trend, but also which I tested and still remain true to that of LR.

Recommanded for sports people, skin sensitive people, skin problems.

Micro Silver has a wide range of products: Deo, soap, thootpaste,...

You can order these products at a local distributor of LR.

More info at www.lrworld.com

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