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What to do for healthy hair?

What to do for healthy hair?

Girls like to have long locks. By the way, now I already walk with a half long haircut I do my best to

save for long hair again.

But how do you get long, beautiful, healthy hair?

Your hairdresser is your best friend!

Go regularly visiting hairdressers to cut your split ends. There's a myth of the more you cut your hair the more

it grows faster, but that does not count here. Your hair will remain the same length! When you have no split ends

do not go to the hairdresser to cut.

Wet or dry?

Don't brush your wet hair, but use a comb with thick teeth. You get split ends when you brush and then you have

to get back to the hairdresser for cutting the ends off. The only way to avoid a haircut.

Portion vitamins.

Just as your body needs vitamins, your hair also needs vitamins. It must therefore be fueled using products to

wash your hair with added vitamins, but also a healthy food supply will give your hair their necessary portion

vitamins. We think especially of vitamin A,

A deficiency of this vitamin can lead to dry hair and scalp problems. Which can be found in many foods such

as milk, broccoli, spinach and carrot.

Also vitamins B, C and E are really necessary to let your hair grow healthy.



Use as you go styling with a flat iron a heat protector. Note heat lets stop your hair from growing! Avoid using

hair straightener, curling iron or hair dryer. Let your hair dry naturally is the healthiest for your hairdo.

Hair care.

Use 1 to 2 times a week a good hair mask and notice the difference. Buy a good quality hair mask or ask

advice to your hairdresser who knows your hair structure best and is an expert in treating it.

Try these tips and let us know what your findings.

Bibi makeup queen.

I stopped using heat about a month ago and I'm taking biotin vitamins, my hair is in a much better state!
18-03-2017 12:33
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Hello, Heat dries your hair and your hear will be more breakable. Keep on going. Greetings, Bibi make up queen
28-03-2017 07:11
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Joar van den Dool
Leuk bericht! Bekijk ook mijn berichten en laat natuurlijk even een leuke reactie achter! :-)
15-11-2016 20:40
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Hi, Thanks. I sure check out your page. Greetings, Bibi make up queen
28-03-2017 07:11
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dank voor de info
15-11-2016 19:11
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You're welcome, Bamboehart. Greetings, Bibi make up queen
15-11-2016 19:29
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Good information!
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Thanks for your positive comment, Xandra. Greetings, Bibi make up queen
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