US President Joe Biden will visit the Close Crossing for an hour and try to find out there a good cause for Ukraine.

The New York Times wrote about it, according to "European Truth".

I’ve seen it loudly: President Biden has called for promoting Ukraine “styles, skils will be needed”, but no wine, no one else can say, skilki tse trivatime. At some point, as official individuals are recognized, stockpiles of weapons in the USA and Europe are exhausted.

“While the States have sanctioned 54 billion dollars for the help of Ukraine and others, no one will give another check for 54 billion dollars if the sum runs out,” the publication says.

Biden and his team are joking about the long-term strategy of how deliveries are made at that hour, as the prospect of regulating the way of negotiations is still far away, and the bulk of the beginnings are due to war.

According to deakim estimates, the help of Ukraine, accepted by the Congress, will continue until another quarter of advancing fate. Ale pitanya polagaє in that, how to get the last supply of ammunition and ammunition without compromising the military readiness of the Successful States.

American officials called out to other countries to give Ukraine stocks of raw materials, which Ukrainians know better. This item, write NYT, is included until Biden's order of the day on the hour of his trip to the Close Skhіd of the offensive, if you can get in touch with the leaders of the Arab powers, like in the past you will be clients of Moscow.#iamnewhere

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