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Bigcommerce development outsourcing
What is development outsourcing for Bigcommerce
Bigcommerce is one of the most important platforms in the world for launching online stores. The times when online store owners had to assemble problems - hosting choice, integration with payment transactions, interaction with network meetings - are in the past. The market is now led by end-to-end solutions that take into account all the needs of e-commerce from the very beginning. Bigcommerce is a platform that has appeared relatively recently. Solutions on this platform are in line with e-commerce development trends. Here are just some of the features that are replicated on this platform:

Full-featured online store
Unlimited products and orders
Integration with credit card processing services
Selling through websites and social networks
Automatic generation of sales reports
Automation of tax calculation
Chat and technical support 24/7
To create online stores on the Bigcommerce platform, outsourcers are often involved. Outsourcing is a type of international contractor and contractor that is part of the internal business processes of a Swiss contractor company. A team of outsourcers is hired when the customer needs to solve complex one-time furniture that cannot be used as part of full-time specialists. Developing an online store on Bigcommerce is a serious decision in which a business invests heavily, expecting a return on this investment within several years. Therefore, few people keep this position on staff Big commerce - more often services are ordered from outsourcing companies, including ours.
We offer to develop online stores on Bigcommerce from scratch, as well as maintain and refine stores on outsourcing terms.

What is included in the outsourcing development of Bigcommerce
We offer possible services depending on the wishes of the customer.

Development of an online store on Bigcommerce from scratch
If you are just starting an e-commerce business and you need a new store on the Bigcommerce platform, we develop a store from scratch. By agreement with the client, we:

We will select a suitable store template;
Let's deploy a new store on the Bigcommerce platform;
Set up shop sections, product pages, shopping cart;
We will connect payment systems;
We will implement integration with delivery services, required networks, other and public services;
Let's test and launch.
All wishes of clients are fixed in the contract, and are taken into account in accordance with the prescribed deadlines.

Refinement of an existing store on Bigcommerce
If you already have a store on the Bigcommerce platform, but he offered to refine it - add new functionality, integrate with a specialized design, updated service - we offer to help. Our experts will analyze the operation of the store, disable unnecessary modules, activate new features, and so on.

Team Consumption Extension
If you have the ability to assemble a team, but it lacks specialists with a wide range of services, experts on the Bigcommerce platform, designers, designers with application specializations, and other specialists can be at your service.

Site support
If you do not have enough resources to manage an online store - managing products and categories, processing orders, working with users - we suggest that you choose store support specialists on an outsourcing basis. We also offer assistance in promoting stores on display and social networks.

Why is sometimes worth to us
If you decide to develop or relaunch a store on the Bigcommerce platform, we recommend that you pay attention to the outsourcing basis. Our specialists exclude the possibility of working:

analysis of your business, discussion of useful functions of the online store;
Drawing up a contract with a description of the work, deadlines and results;
Work with strict adherence to deadlines, the conclusion of the contract;
frequent communication with clients during the development process;
Reasonable pricing policy.
How to order
If you want to order outsourcing development of an online store on the Bigcommerce platform, please contact us using the form or call for advice.