Dromenvanger van een bordje!

Gisteren kwamen alleen de oudste twee knutselvriendinnetjes om te knutselen . We maakte een dromenvanger van een wegwerpbordje !

Wat heb je nodig:

  • Papieren bordje 
  • garen ( niet te dik ) 
  • veertjes en andere versierseltjes zoals kraaltjes of stickertjes 
  • naald
  • schaar

Hoe ga je te werk :

  • Je begint met het uitknippen van het middengedeelte van het bordje zoals je hier op de foto ziet .
  • Daarna maak je een patroon met garen , met een stopnaald steek je het garen vrij makkelijk door het bordje. Voor jonge kinderen kan je eerst gaatjes maken zodat ze met een plastic naald zelf kunnen rijgen 
  • Daarna ga je het bordje versieren , je kan plaatjes plakken , stickertjes gebruiken of zelf tekenen of kleuren 

  • Vervolgens maak je aan de onderkant drie gaatjes waar je de draadjes met veertjes aan kan hangen. 
  • Ik gebruikte hier ook nog wat gesmolten strijkkralen waar ik eerder mee knutselde , met die strijkkralen klemde ik de veertjes vast , zo werk je het knoopje van het draadje mooi weg 
  • Je duwt de kralen dus over het uiteinde van de veer en het vastgemaakte draadje
  • Daarna nog wat versierseltjes toevoegen en klaar is je dromenvanger 

Het was weer een leuk middagje knutselen !

Greetz Lenie 

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Hello all, Wonder immediately if there are people who are going to read this. Who's waiting for another new person to post about her life, dog care work, handicrafts, man writing pictures?. Well, I doubt it. But I'm going to do my best. Just seem fun to post things I want to share with others. I'm super gem on our dog kids. They have their own fb page. I work in care for elderly dementia at night. It's often those little things that make my work in it so great. And I love reading and handicrafts. Old hat, huh?. Well, here I'm just wondering who's reading hihi. . Love habit
Vintage style wooden coasters
Pimping coasters remains a fun activity and it's always fun to have homemade coasters on your own table. That's why we transformed a nice wooden coaster set, this time with beautiful colors of chalk paint and some templates. With the templates, you can easily tampon beautiful figures on many surfaces. So you don't have to have a fixed hand to get these beautiful patterns on the coasters.! And how to give the coasters a nice “stained” look so that you can still see the wood grain through it, read below! Choose 6 color chalk paint. We chose green, turquoise, ochre, pink, blue and chile orange. Place a little bit of any colour on a plate or piece of aluminium foil. Then a few drops of water, and you have a transparent paint to color your coaster. The grain of the wood remains visible and gives a natural effect. Use the handy sponge template (with a piece of sponge, sponge brush or tampoon brush) the pattern on the coloured coaster. The best thing is to choose a contrasting colour so you can clearly stand out the pattern against the surface. Also paint the wooden storage box and put your most beautiful pattern on it. You can also put that pattern on the back, or maybe it's nice if it gets a different pattern. The chalk paint has the advantage that it dries really very quickly.! So you can finish off immediately (with a matte transparent varnish) so that no stains from e.g. your wine glass. Plus, the finish coats are also useful so you can wipe the coasters with a damp cloth. We're going to have fun with this coaster set for years, that's for sure! And, I'm curious to see what color scheme you like the best.. pink and blue? Or the green with the light blue (Ibiza blue) pattern? Feel free to let you know below! Wooden Coaster Set - more info Various templates - click here View HERE the 24 colors chalk paint Pyrography on Coasters - for Father's Day - Read more Cold Enamel Coasters - Read more Machining Coasters with Magic Paint and a Paint Comb - Read more Mandala coasters (update) - Read more De Knutselteacher Ede has been working with Mirelle van Crea with Kids for years.! All De Knutseljuf Ede's craft tips can be found on the website www.creametkids.nl The Craft Teacher also comes to your home at your (kids) party crafting! Would you like to craft with clay or do another creative workshop in your home?? Look up. www.deknutseljuf.nl or mail! Follow De Knutselteacher Ede Facebook , Instagram and Pinterest Mail: ilse@deknutseljuf.nl - Want to see more here on Yoors?? Or comment or maybe post something yourself? That can! Subscribe to Yoors (free) first: - Join Yoors for free and free of obligation! #coasters #coasterset #houtenonderzetters #vintagelook #creatively #trixxcreative #creativelybezig #diy