Kan je mij leren haken deel twee

Gisteren was mijn vriendinnetje er weer en natuurlijk wil ze weer iets haken !

Ik was voorbereid en had al een heel simpel patroontje gevonden, ze ging goed aan de slag en het resultaat mag er weer zijn ! Het patroon heeft alleen losse en vaste en is heel goed te doen voor een beginnende haakster!

Wil je deze sleutelhanger ook haken, ik vond het patroontje hier

Wij volgde precies dit patroon maar deden er voor de gezelligheid nog wel een paar kraaltjes aan !

Het is echt heel leuk om met kinderen te haken , dus krijg je de kans ! doen!

Greetz Lenie 

Benieuwd naar de eerste haak les , kijk dan hier :

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Viva women's magazine end
After 49 years, Viva stops, and the forum also disappears. Don't underestimate the importance of a platform where women feel safe. Historian Stolk: “While the body was propagated everywhere in the 1990s, and plastic surgery and photoshopping emerged, Viva took care of the countermovement: you had to appreciate the body as it was.. A rubric like Anybody has been very important.. Young and slim is still the norm in the media. You rarely see imperfect naked bodies except in the sauna.” “As shameless as on the Viva forum, it can't be anywhere” Google a question, any one, and nine out of ten times you end up on the Viva forum. No online place where so many women have been spending so much time together for so long.. Who are they?? What are they looking for?
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Minister do something about it! Where's the heat plan?
#nature At these temperatures, I think of animal transport.. In the sector, no transport above e.g. 30 degrees was agreed.. But in practice, that happened and why? Because it was a sectoral agreement and not a statutory regulation. That's how it goes with your own responsibility.. There are days when temperatures reach 35 degrees.. Despite that heat, animal transports to the slaughterhouses continue.. Ask the Minister (Christian House and Peasant's Daughter) again: where is the heat plan. Trees in the Meadow Need More Than Ever | Live Have - Trees in the Meadow Need More Than Ever. After years of rural balddown, where farmers have systematically removed trees and wood ramparts for financial reasons, new plantings are needed more than ever.. Two hot summers in a row make it clear that tree planting can't wait a day anymore.. Chickens, sheep, goats, pigs, cows, horses, donkeys - they all benefit from natural shelter from the scorching sun. Animal welfare organisations: legislation to combat heat stress in animal transport - Animal welfare organisations: legislation to combat heat stress in animal transport. Stricter laws and regulations are needed to ensure the welfare of animals transported on very hot days.. This is what animal welfare organizations The Animal Protection and Eyes on Animals after research. In the majority of dozens of inspections a year, Eyes on Animals detects heat stress in animals, including because trucks stand still in the sun and animals are too close to each other.. Notification point for animals in full sun without shelter - Animals Today - Notification point for animals in full sun without shelter Although there are farmers and animal holders who know very well that cows, horses, sheep and other (farm) animals are entitled to shade and shelter by law, there are still many who don't care about it and leave the animals in full sun.. This criminal behavior has to stop, which is why a hotline has been set..