Knutsel eens een boom schilderij

Met mijn knutselvriendinnetjes knutselde ik dit leuke boomschilderij , het effect is super leuk en het is niet zo moeilijk ,

Wat heb je nodig:

  1. Wat dikker papier dat je kan gebruiken als ondergrond voor je schilderij.
  2. Gekleurd papier en / of papier met een printje , ik gebruikte deze vouwpapierblokjes van de Action met leuke printjes , maar je kan net zo makkelijk effen papier of bijvoorbeeld krantenpapier of bijvoorbeeld inpakpapier gebruiken 
  3. Stiften of pennen , ik gebruikte een witte en een gouden pen en een zwarte fineliner
  4. schaar en lijm  

Hoe ga je te werk :

  1. je knipt een aantal verschillende boom vormen uit het papier,
  2. Je plakt die op de ondergrond van stevig papier
  3. Het staat leuk als je ze hier en daar over elkaar heen plakt , daardoor lijkt het alsof de achterste  bomen wat verder weg  staan , het geeft dan wat diepte aan je schilderij
  4. Vervolgens ga je met pen / stift op de bomen tekenen ,je kan van alles tekenen stippen , blaadjes, takken , lijntjes ! 
  5. En klaar is je leuke schilderijtje of leuke kaart 
  6. Greetz Lenie 

Ook iets leuks gemaakt deel het op Yoors

Word lid!

National Bee Count 18 and 19 April.. are you also there to count?
National Bee Count 18 and 19 April. - How nice that you are coming to read my blog again.. I need you all very much because we are going toBeescount!! Huh? Huh? Counting bees? But why? It turns out that 188 of the 358 species of wild bees are threatened- Oh!This is due, among other things, to pesticides, which can cause bees to die. But also because of mites, parasites, bacterial infections, a bee becomes weakened or dies. That's not good news. Also, there is not always suitable food available, many flowers or herbs are too few or not present. We really need bees to pollinate 80 percent of our crops we eat. You understand that we are very concerned about this important bee and that's why it deserves our attention every day! How are we gonna do that? Step 1.The main thing is that in any case it is at least sunny or dry for half an hour. You then walk quietly around the garden {on your balcony} and you then record the species and the numbers you see. Step 2.Practice already? Download the Counting Form. Walk around your garden and record all the species and numbers you see. Or use the counting cards shown below this text. Step 3.Counted? Enter your results on this page in. TIP:For all these activities, the site has: “The Netherlands Zoemt” very nice things you can request and download. Among others: Counting Form #Bijentelling , a bee's guides, seed bombs making, DIY Bee Hotel. In short, we are going to work because of course we do not want the endangered bees to die out... they really need our help! TIP:This is a fun children's page with all the fun tips and activities: Children-Bees Check out there to get some nice ideas, or make your own seed bombs or a bee hotel, there is so much fun to do! TIP:Also watch the nice video via this link and press “watch video” there : Now some nice inspiration/tips and crafts about the bee! - Here are some good links with information, lesson ideas etc.: 1. Miss Janneke. Many nice tips about the bee, honey, beekeepers for the smart board! 2. Super nice tip: nice reading about Winnie the Pooh and counting bees.. how fun is that? By: children's books read fun 3. And a nice song tip about the honey bee- Oh!By: Nursery rhymes - Below children make very nice bees from a plastic bottle! - Posted by:Gooty. - 4. Crafting ideas: - First of all, I tinkered 2 bees from cardboard. I used 2 coloring pages as mould to make them. Coloring pages made possible by The Craft Juf Ede - Yes. Below is her blog where you can find and print the coloring pages.. be warned.. she has a lot of choice.. so choose strength with one.. haha. What do you need?Paint, brush, cardboard, coloring page, scissors, sharpie markers, wooden clothespins. - So this coloring page you print out and cut off the bee {very pathetic, I know} the legs. These are replaced by clothespins so you can stand by or “hang” in something. - The bee, you're going to transfer onto cardboard as an image. First, only the outer contours, for the shape. With pencil you draw the bee schematically. - Then you go paint the bee. I painted the little bee with yellow paint and then colored with black marker. And with the big bee, with black paint also colored. - The sun did a lot of work here.. it was dry so fast! - Clothespins dyed in black, and these too were quickly dry. - And then they were allowed to pose, in theATwithout nice weather in the garden..Bzzzz A bee for it - Coloring pages - Beautiful coloring pages ofThe Craft Juf Ede. Read more A few more craftstips I have here for you: - Hearts at-through: Homemadebyjoke. Foam bees and a honeycomb from a flower pot by: . Make flower seed balls for the bees! Jetske Miedemawent with children to make these cute flower seed balls. Jetske tells: Nice to do with your kids. Flower seeds, clay, potting compost and a little water = good tampering😊 #bloembommetjes #helpdebij #OERR TIP:And fellow blogster Ingrid Tips and More sent me another link where you can buy them if you do not have time and opportunity complete seed bulbs. Click here. Harmonica be. by Nice bees and you make them yourself- Oh!By: Crafts for children. Bee of a foot by: An egg box is a beautiful honeycomb- Oh!By: Tartine Mulot A bee as a plant plug for outdoor use! Read here. And then made a bee from an egg box: By: A beehive colored by stamping. And the bees are fingerprints! By: A mobile of cardboard cups that are transformed into a bee. By: Educational toys, the Bees beekeeper- Oh!Click here A fun and educational booklet about the beekeeper. Click here From egg to bee, this booklet hole over the cycle of the bee- Oh!Click here Lots of inspiration around bees! Bee hotel making out of wood - Theme bees tinkering - Bee tinkering pine cone - Beehives and beehives! - Bees tinkering - sweet bees made of chenille thread - Oreo Treats Bes - Bee crafting from paper cup? - A bee for it - Coloring pages - Bee crafting from toilet roll? - Bee stone crafting for Father's Day - Crafting a flower garden with insects - Free crochet bee with beehive - With these 21 flowers and plants in your garden you will make the bees happy - The bee belongs to it - Also drink bees, you can give them a safe drinking trough in your garden. - Honey bees. - Bee crafting of paper plate - Making a beehive from bubble plastic - Making flower seed bombs for the Bee - We love to learn from the bees- Oh!World Bee Day - Do you also like creative in the broadest sense of the word? Then come to my facebook page: Crea with Kids and give the page a LIKE- Oh!Click on the link to go there Crea with Kids 2-12 years. Crafts with Children 0-4 years. Website Crea with Kids: find all crafts and activities in one overview! or mail to: - Login Do you also come toYoorsblogging about what concerns you, sharing your own craft ideas, reading articles about health, news? Then come toYoorsand immediately receive aWelcome bonus- Oh! - Sign in This blog contains affiliation links.
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Clean litter.
Cigarette filters formed most of the waste. - #cleanupday   #cigarettebutts   #sigaretfilters   #plogging   Every year the Netherlands Schoon organises Rural Cleanup Day. This year more than 30 thousand participants went out on Saturday 20 March 2021 to clean a piece of the Netherlands. There were a total 87,794 pieces of waste registered. Cigarette filters formed most of the waste, followed by cans and candy or cookie wraps. Red Bull, McDonald's and Heineken were the three most found brands. And, not entirely surprising: 2.1 percent of the waste consisted of mouthcaps. And that's new! Mouth caps, which are casually thrown down everywhere and can be seen even in nature. How “lose weight” clean up the outdoors. - Litter: how the “dropouts” clean up the outdoors. Sometimes the useful is accompanied by the pleasant, as with voluntary garbage turnips. You take a nice walk and you do something for the environment. Organisations and municipalities saw a growth in the number of voluntary waste rappers in the past year. Stichting Nederland Schoon, a nationwide organisation focused on combating litter, counted as many as four hundred more private disposal operations in 2020 than in 2019, an increase of 16 percent. Groningen Schone Thanks to Mijen, a clean-up initiative of the municipality of Groningen, also saw the animo for the disposal of litter rise. The number of applications for waste grippers and rings increased by around nine hundred applications over the past year, more than doubling compared to 2019. Plogging. - On Instagram, you can see the popularity of picking litter in the use of hashtags like #litter (15 thousand messages) and #litterpicking (60 thousand messages) in photographs of collected waste. Also contractions like #wandery (29 thousand selfies during the turnip) and #plogging (171 thousand posts) are popular. Plogging is een porte-manteau van de Zweedse woorden ‘plocka upp '(pick up) and' jogga '(jogging) and refers to exactly that: turnips while running. Organizations like Netherlands Schoon also encourage the use of apps during cleanup. Jaap de Boer developed - Totally Green for 'anyone who just wants to clean it'. The free app tracks routes and shows on a map where people have cleaned. You can see how long ago garbage was picked. For example, a green route means that the last month has been cleaned, brown means that it has been over 90 days. The number of downloads increased from six hundred on January 1, 2020 to five thousand early April this year. For the real fanatics there is Litterati. During the turnip, you can upload pictures of the garbage to the internationally oriented app. They can also tag those pictures, based on the location and the type of waste. For example, you can specify whether it is tin, plastic, paper or other material. If visible, volunteers can also register the producer of the waste. With this information, organizations that focus on combating litter will be able to get started. But who are the voluntary trash rappers actually and what moves them? Three ordinary Dutch people tell about rubbish turnips. - Volkskrant, Wednesday, April 28, 2021. Dick the Great. - “This month is exactly seven years since I started picking up trash. My annoyance about garbage lying around began earlier, after the birth of my son. I then went for a walk more often, so I noticed the garbage more and more. I was mostly grumbling about it on Facebook. A lot of people grumbled with me, but every now and then I got the question why I didn't clean up myself. Yeah, bye, I thought at first, I'm not gonna clean up other people's crap.? But in the end, I started it anyway.. 'First I did it once a week for two hours, but there were more and more. I felt more comfortable with that garbage turnips, it emptied my head. Certainly in the beginning that was an important motive. According to my wife, I became a more pleasant person, because I turned from a grumbler to a doer. 'The cleaning up itself is fun and nice, but of course it doesn't really help against the problem. After a week there is exactly the same. That's why I started collecting data four years ago. What kind of waste is it? Where is the? From what brand is it? This information is useful for municipalities to address the problem in a targeted manner. For example, they know where to put more trash cans. I am now hired by several municipalities and companies to collect data, and I also teach schools about the generation and control of litter. That's how I turned the hobby into my work.’ Bas of Gangelen. - With his Instagram account @afvalbas (1036 according) he shares photos of his displayed, sorted waste and tin figures. 'I've been running hard for about ten years, but from last August I'm going plogging. Then I run with a garbage bag in my hand and gloves, and I regularly stop to pick up trash. When you get home, the garbage bag is always full. If you want to put a serious running time, don't start. I run two a week a lap of about ten kilometers, but if I wanted to, I could do it every day and come home with a full garbage bag. There's plenty! When I get home, I stole the waste and take pictures of it, to make the litter problem more visible. 'Besides cans and plastic I find a lot of mouthcaps. The other day I collected 49 mouthcaps after 80 minutes. I often put it in the back before making the pictures. They are not beautiful, but they are part of it. The cans are the most beautiful, I sometimes make figures of them for the picture, such as Pac-Man. 'A few times I can get angry during the garbage picking up, but you have to get over it anyway, because there's no point in. Uiteindelijk heb ik op meerdere manieren voordeel van plogging. It is healthy for yourself, you do something good for nature and you immediately see results.’ Marlies Feijen. - 'Since the start of corona, I've been volunteering garbage at the Huissen litter brigade. Before that I used to clean up a lot of junk when I went for a walk, but in February last year I saw people walking in yellow vests with such a gripper. That's more fun.! On your own, you'll get the idea that you're cleaning up other people's mess, and in a group you'll also get a lot more fun comments. 'I have something to do myself: it offers me peace and I am often philosophising about how the waste got there. When someone throws away a receipt from a Rolex, I wonder what story is behind it. And maybe someday I'll find something really special, a beautiful piece of jewelry or something. 'The nice thing is also that sometimes you find funny things. I like to share the things I find. The other day I found a plastic shape of a whale and then I say: Look, there's a whale washed up in Huissen. Of course, it's nice when people react. People who do this all follow each other again on Instagram. Now that I'm talking about it like that, I'm actually thinking: I'm going home on time today, and I can still pick up trash. I get very excited about it, I like to search for stuff. My husband and I with dog Kyra. - My husband and I spend at least 4 hours a week picking up the garbage. We (my husband and I) can hardly take a walk without bringing a garbage bag. Even our dog Kyra still dwell on everything that smells like: litter. Source:Volkskrant/28-04-2021/Jasmijn Huisman and Leanne de Munnik. Free Writing: Janne Marthies. Illustrations: #stock #pixapay