Paasmandje haken

Paasmandje haken

Gisteren haakte ik dit leuke minimandje , na het haken bond ik er nog een strikje omheen !

Ik doe er paasseitjes in voor mijn knutsel vriendinnetjes, er passen ongeveer vier eitjes in!

Ik vond het patroon op freubelweb  

Ik heb er eitjes in gedaan , maar voor kinderen die niet van chocola houden of allergisch zijn voor chocola , kan je ook prima koekjes of iets anders erin doen , Sanne heeft een paar leuke ideetjes op Yoors staan, die je daar prima voor kan gebruiken , ik zet de linkjes naar haar blogs onder deze blog !

De mandjes zijn in ieder geval goed gelukt!

Greetz Lenie 

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Pyrography on coasters - for Father's Day
Wood burning is not difficult! Pyrography (wood burning) is super cool to do. You can burn nice drawings and texts on wooden objects. It seems difficult, but with a handy wood fire device it is so squeaked. Plug in, wait until it gets hot, and burn! From Pebaro there is now such a beautiful new device on the market, which you can even use as wood burner, soldering iron and styroporcutter in one! Also, this version now has an on/off button (with light), so that is also very useful so that you can see that it is on and so you have to be careful! Of course we had to (wanted) try the new tool! What are you gonna burn? Searching for nice things made of wood was also not difficult. In the webshop of Trixx Creatief we found lots of beautiful wooden articles to burn something nice. View HERE the wooden materials you could burn! Father's Day With a view to Father's Day, we have selected this wooden box with coasters. Always useful for dad, to put down his beer, wine, tea, juice or soup. He'll never forget that he's my Super Papa! And every coaster also shows why it is so great:). Is your dad also your Super Papa? And are you over 10 years old?? Then you can burn something nice for your dad! E.g.. a box, chest of drawers, a car, cottage, tray, pen tray, adhesive tape holder, a vw van, flower, a wooden mill or booksupport, there is plenty of choice! Note: Make sure that there is always an adult with you, because the tip of the burner is of course super hot!! In the box of the burner there are all kinds of different points of attachment. So you can swap the dots. You do that if the device is cold, or with a pliers when the tool is hot. Also that changing is not suitable for children, so if you want to switch points, ask an adult! With the Pebaro burner you can not only draw and write text, but also stamp. The kit also includes 9 different round stamps. They are also great to decorate your wooden objects! Draw the baselines with a HB pencil light on the wood. You can easily erase the pencil lines after burning If necessary, use a metal ruler to burn clean lines Other metal molds could also be used for wood burning. Draw a face on the coasters on each side and border it with dots, dashes or curling. You could now paint the coasters and the box with clear lacquer. But that's not necessarily necessary.! Pack it fun and surprise your Super Papa with the homemade coasters! Here at Yoors there are even more pyrography tips and inspirations to be found. E.g.oorbeeld deze:  Workshop Houtbranden op Feestdag van Basisschool -   Pyrografie op kurken onderzetters - Pyrografie op houten bestek - Creatieve workshop pyrografie (houtbranden) -   Schildpad brandschilderen op hout - pyrografie - Boter kaas en eieren spel zelf maken - Houtbranden / Pyrografie met vele mogelijkheden - Houten wandelstok maken met houtbrander - Met een gezellig klein clubje houtbranden -   Bekijk HIER de vernieuwde Pebaro brander! View HERE the wooden coasters (Size: 22 x 7.5 x 11 cm) Or fire for Father's Day a hoiuten adhesive tape roll holder, for on his desk! More info - Want to see more here on Yoors? Or give a comment or maybe post something yourself? That can be! Sign up first (free) at Yoors: - Sign up here for free at Yoors! #pyrography #woodfires #firepainting #woodworking #creatively #creativelybezig #wood #thefire #flintpainting #woodbrandapparaat #pebaro #howto #howtowoodburn