Bill Clinton is Vegan


Former President of the United States Bill Clinton has converted to veganism in order to improve his quality of life and reduce cardiovascular risks, former US President Bill Clinton has as a diet, the vegan diet, which although it is part of the vegetarian style, here is too much reduced the contribution of animal proteins.

What was the reason for this “new change” in his eating habits, is because his doctor recommended that he make more “drastic” modifications to his diet, to reduce the risk of heart problems.

According to information sources published in The New York Times, they revealed that Clinton is feeling happier and healthier.

Do not consume red meat, dairy products, eggs and too little oil. The products that enrich your diet are vegetables, fruits, beans, at the moment they are the only things you consume now.

Vegan sources of protein are:
legumes (chickpeas, lentils, soy, etc.), cereals (flour, rice, oats, wheat), nuts (plums, almonds, hazelnuts, nuts) and seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, sesame)

It's funny to see the drastic change of this celebre in his diet.