Biologically unnecessarily expensive

Yes! The supermarket earns 150 for one kg of green peas, 3, - Why? Because supermarkets are doing something to compensate for their minimal margins on kilocallers. The idea is simple: you lure customers with small wallets into the store with stunt meat. You don't earn money from that, but they buy other things. Highly educated people with a larger budget do have something to do with organic.
So they contribute to kilocallers — what they are against!
This is not only unfair to these customers, but also to the organic farmers. While more organic farmers are desperately needed, supermarkets are opposing them in this way. That's why: buy as much as possible from the organic farmer or at the organic supermarket. That is not cheaper (that in turn has to do with that turnover rate), but you will not participate in the supermarkets' anti-social business model? #biologically #foods #kiloknallers #peasants Biologically unnecessarily expensive

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