The biotechnology sector is blooming rapidly after the pandemic hit of Covid-19 as there is a massive demand for innovations and discoveries. With time, biotechnology has given numerous valuable technologies to humanity, and with the growing demand of the ever-increasing population worldwide, there is an upsurging opening of jobs in Biotechnology. In this blog, we will discuss employment in Biotech, that is, biomedical engineering, one of those requiring innovation skills. Biomedical engineering is the application of innovative thinking and problem-solving engineering methods in biology and medicine. A biomedical engineer evaluates and designs solutions to problems in biology and medicine to enhance the quality of life. Such solutions may be computer software or tools and devices. Biomedical engineers' work is advancing diagnostic, analytical, and therapeutic healthcare techniques. Their work’s utilization can be seen in developing pacemakers, micro-implants, imaging, and other clinical tool types.

Biomedical engineers work in various disciplines and earn a median annual wage of $88,550. Some work in hospitals, and some work in laboratories. They usually work with other professionals, create equipment, install it, measure the results, and research advancing technologies. To take this career further, one should have an undergraduate degree in physics, engineering, or biomedical science.

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