Birds with pastel pencils

Coincidentally, I am already (finally) drawing again for a week and well: BIRDS. Namely the birds of postcards that our daughter sent us. They were free in nature drawing succeeded but not. Those things don't stay in place.

These are the pastel pieces, made with pastel pencils. A green woodpecker and a pheasant. Maybe I'll make a few more.

facts about chewing gum
#Kauwgom chewing is something we like to do. Oh, this #snoepje has been around for thousands of years and on average we chew about 300 grams per person per year. In America, gum factories were formed, including the Wrigley brand. This factory has been around for 80 years now. About 80 years ago, Wrigley advertised their chewing gum, making the Netherlands familiar with it. I remember when I used to buy Wrigley's packages at V & D in the supermarket. The gum that was in comics. You rolled him in on your tongue like that. You had the white suit, Wrigley's Spearmint, the green suit of Wrigly's Doublemint and my favorite pack, which was yellow in color, Wrigly's Juicy Fruit. Also Wrigley PK had gum, which I bought too. Those were the orange packs with the rectangular cubes. In my opinion, the taste quickly went away. My preference was the other variants.Sometimes I buy the Wrigley's Juicy Fruit. That reminds me of childhood. Types of chewing gum - We know two #soorten chewing gum.- Chewing gum, chewing gum in strips and jars.- Bubble gum, the so-called bubble gum or flap gum. The difference between these two is that with Chewing gum you can not blow bubbles, but only chew them and with Bubble Gum you can chew and blow huge bubbles. Different versions - Chewing gum you have in #verschillende versions, such as: Gumballs... think of the famous gum ball machine of the past where you could pull one out for a few cents. chewing gum in a tube chewing gum in strips chewing gum in jars chewing gum rolled in a box chewing gum in lollipops chewing gum in ice cream chewing gum in various items, such as the tennis ball or spaghetti gum Benefits of chewing gum - There are a number of #voordelen to chewing gum, namely: It helps against #oorpijn - Yes. By chewing gum, the Eustachian tube opens and chewing gum contains the ingredient xylitol, which reduces the risk of ear infection. Xylitol is also against tooth decay. Chewing gum makes you #slimmer - Yes. It helps to concentrate and improve the learning performance of students by chewing gum. Chewing gum is a support if, for example, you want to stop using #roken - Yes. By chewing gum, you yearn less for nicotine. Chewing gum helps with the #afvallen - Yes. Chewing gum will make you less likely to snack something else. Chewing gum takes away your first puff, so you can leave that bag of chips. Chewing gum is helping with stress moments. If you suffer from #stress , you make the stress hormone cortisone. By chewing gum, the cortisone drops. Chewing gum helps with the #spijsvertering - Yes. Because you chew gum you make more saliva and that is good for the further processing of our food intake. You get less #dorst of chewing gum. Because you produce more saliva by chewing gum, you will suffer less from dry mouth. Disadvantages of chewing gum - Unfortunately, we also know #nadelen to chewing gum and chewing it, such as: With the excess of chewing gum food, a #laxerende action on the intestines, which allows you to hit the loose stool. The sweeteners that are processed in the gum provide this loose stool. So limit your intake of the amount of chewing gum recommended on the package for daily use. People who are hypersensitive to #lactose should be careful when using chewing gum. Chewing gums may contain lactose that can cause complaints of abdominal pain, flatulence, bloating and diarrhoea. You're going to chew more farts of gum. Because we chew, we breathe more air so we have to get rid of our air again in the form of farts. Also the fabric #sorbitol which is contained in gum creates flatulence. Sometimes, especially children, we accidentally swallow the gum. Once is not terrible, but especially in children you need to pay attention that it does not happen too often, in connection with constipation in the intestines that can start to occur. Scracking gum sounds. I'm sure you know... someone standing next to you making smacking movements or clapping sounds with the gum. The large amounts of chewing gum that do not end up in the trash, but to the great annoyance of many on the street. Anyone who knows the term “spum” knows that it is a chewed piece of gum that is then stuck on the street for years. #Spum is a mix word of “spitting” and “eraser”. In 2004, columnist S. Montag wrote a column “The Eraser Problem”In this, he investigated how much chewing gum is on the street. He got into a conversation with cleaning workers at a station who were removing large amounts of chewing gum and came to the conclusion in 2005 that 1.5 million kilos landed on the streets in the Netherlands every year. Terrifying a lot! The most annoying thing about chewing gum - I think that's when you get gum under your shoe, in your hair, in your clothes or on your carpet! Only yesterday when our son was in school, he apparently stepped in gum. The annoying sticking under the shoe sole with walking and sticking was annoying. At the janitor, they had a cool spray. The shoe sole was sprayed and after an hour you could remove the gum. But unfortunately, that turned out to be unsuccessful. I started looking for how you could remove it, and with the following tools you can easily remove chewing gum.How #verwijder I chew gum under my #schoen - What? Do you have a #vriezer - What? That is a good time! And also a #plastic bag? Oh, good! If you also have #ijsblokjes it is even better! That's how you work.Put the shoe in a plastic bag with some ice cubes that you put on the gum spot and press firmly. Put the shoe in the freezer for 2 hours. After 2 hours, remove the bag from the shoe. If it's okay, the gum is glued to the plastic bag.What also works well is #olijfolie - Oh!Olive oil is good fat and if you apply the spot well and leave it in for a while, you can remove most chewing gum with a kitchen roll. Any leftovers can be scraped off with the blunt side of, for example, a knife. Look out with olive oil. It can stain the fabric of the shoe.Peanut butter jammie! And also effective against gum residues!So lubricate a thick layer #pindakaas on the gum spot, leave for a minute or ten and brush it off with a brush. After that, carefully rinse the shoe under the tap.Go outside and find a #takje and what #zand - Yes. We go shoe #scrubben - Oh!However, this only works if you have only just stepped into the gum and the gum is fresh and sticky.Sprinkle some sand on the gum spot and make rubbing and pushing movements with the twig. Not too hard, otherwise the twig will break. Scrub until the gum is easily loosened. Pick off the remaining leftovers with the twig. Read more - Below #lees you have even more chewing gum facts in various blogs! Do you remember the packages of Donald Duck gum? There was always a comic book story in it about Donald Du - Read more Bazooka Gum - Read more Chiclets chewing gum - Read more Gumballs - Read more Shoes from spit out chewing gum - Read more How to get rid of chewing gum? - Read more Gumballs - Read more - Bruined - Read more Chewing gum deceives your brain and is full of toxins - Read more It can't be crazier, can it? About chewing gum... - Read more How to make chewing gum, one of the most toxic products - Read more Source mention text and photos:
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Jakobsladder knutselen van hout
Een  Jakobsladder.. wie heeft daar wel eens van gehoord? Het is een erg leuk fascinerend stukje speelgoed wat je zelf kan maken en wat kinderen veel plezier geeft. Maar wat is een Jakobsladder eigenlijk? Wikipedia heeft daar wel een antwoord op .. Citaat: Een jakobsladder is een rij plankjes, waarbij elk plankje aan elk volgend plankje is bevestigd met een bijzonder scharniersysteem. Het wordt gebruikt als speelgoed, of om mensen te verbazen met een schijnbaar onmogelijk fenomeen Je kan een jakobsladder dus heel goed zelf maken. Je kan gebruik maken van een stapeltje speelkaarten, of plankjes zoals in dit voorbeeld. Je kan lint of elastiekjes gebruiken om de plankjes met elkaar te verbinden. Zo wordt de Jakobsladder steeds langer. Je kan deze ladder als een pakketje opvouwen maar op dezelfde manier ook weer laten uitrollen. Deze Jakobsladder heeft een bijbelse betekenis. Jakob zag in een visioen de Engelen op en neer de ladder klimmen. Mooie gedachte..niet waar? Dan komen  we aan bij het maken van een jakosbladder. Je ziet hieronder foto's van Annelies Naets die samen met haar zoontje dit knutselde. Ze maakte ook een filmpje hiervan hoe dit er eruit ziet als je de jakobsladder uitrolt.  Aansluitend nog een goed filmpje waarop je kan zien hoe je zelf zo'n jakobsladder kan maken. Ik hoop dat iedereen er mee aan de slag gaat en hun foto's en filmpjes hier wil delen.. lijkt me leuk!! Annelies Naets stuurde een erg leuk idee in voor kinderen. Het heet een Jakobsladder. Annelies vertelt: Heel leuk om te maken! Zoontje van van 4 jaar heeft de houten blokjes geschilderd. En hij heeft aan de andere kant glitterkarton erop gelijmd. De lintje heeft hij zelf met kleine "nageltjes" vastgeklopt. Bekijk dit leuke filmpje... Zo zit een opgevouwen stapeltje eruit van een Jakobsladder. Een instructiefilmpje hoe je een Jakobsladder kan maken.   Boomstam /schijf decoratie maken - Lees meer Spijkerschilderijtje Olifant - String Art - Lees meer Vogelhuisje timmeren voor koolmeesje en pimpelmees - Lees meer Boomstam /schijf kuikens maken - Lees meer Spijkerschilderijtje Vliegtuig - String Art - Lees meer Insectenhotel maken - Lees meer Een dromenvanger timmeren - spijkerschilderij/string-art - Lees meer Vogelvoederhuisje op stam maken - Lees meer Kippen schilderen op hout - Lees meer Een leuk idee om van hout te knutselen is dit vleermuiskastje! Het kastje is gemaakt van multiplex. Bouw een huisje voor vleermuizen. Elke set bevat voorgezaagde houten delen en een hangkoordje. Afmeting: 12 cm breed. Kastje kan opgehangen worden. Versier het met acrylverf en deco-pennen (niet inbegrepen). Lok vleermuizen je tuin in. Bekijk het hier   - Crea met Kids 2-12 jaar. - - - - - - - - Crea met Kids-BSO 4-12 jaar Knutselen met Kinderen van 0-4 jaar. Crea met Adults of mail naar: Website Crea met Kids Inloggen Kom je ook bij Yoors bloggen over wat jou bezighoudt, je eigen knutselideetjes delen, artikels lezen over gezondheid,actualiteit? Kom dan bij Yoors , en lees meteen mijn  welkomst blog voor jou! - Inloggen Hallo..en van harte welkom op Yoors! - Welkom Lees meer Dit blog bevat een  affiliatie link