Birth in the meadow

We were supposed to leave early this morning, but the last sheep mama-to-be threw some soot in the food.

In the stable, Alanis saw there was a slime winch hanging out of the sheep. She did not feel really annoying, because when the other sheep were allowed to go out, she pushed herself out of the stable without pardon.
Well..., let nature take its course - even if it is in the meadow...

We would leave anyway, because yes, it could still take some time. The sheep ate biks at ease and then went to graze.

Just as we wanted to get into the car, we heard a soft sound coming from the meadow. In the quarter of an hour when the sheep were outside, the female had given life to a very beautiful lamb.
But no departure, but stay there until the afterbirth was born. But when I got the chance to look underneath the mama's tail, I saw the hooves sticking out. There just came another one!

For half an hour the mommy took care of her firstborn, she licked her dry, helped her find the udders and protected her from curious fellow sheep.
Finally the mama lay down again. She had a hard time, she pushed, but couldn't get the lamb out well. The lamb came with the rear hoof first, that made it heavier.
She only needed a little help: very carefully we helped her second lamb see the light of day.

Two hours later, we went on the road. The emotions are high, because no matter how beautiful a birth is, it is exciting.

Two little girls richer:
Welcome dear Liena and Loena. #schapen #schaap #geboorte #natuurlijk #geboortefoto #lam #ooi #lammetjes #nageboorte #placenta #levenslicht #gezond