In May (for covid19) holidays in Andalucia Isla Christina, what more do you want. In a beautiful resort, picturesque setting, eye-catching beaches and an inviting sea to splash, walk by barefoot in the soft wet sand, kept moist by a persistent flood healing by natural salts.

Not to mention a soothing warm, lum-hearted winds and a sun that continuously follows you like an undercover agent and makes you bloom and change from reddish to caramel brownish skin tones, filling everything according to your needs..

Even a few white English speakers develop the sweet brown caramel tones instead of white-red-sheet-white-red.. Many pensionados are bivouac in the mild climate where summer and winter averages 16 degrees Celsius.. Except in the mountains away..

Within the dining room resort, the table is still designated by the staff, hierarchically checked by the chef.. Food and drink are of excellent quality. It's never insist on the many distinctive buffets.. However, watching out for apparent hungry and thirsty guests..

They have only one route and that is fast and linea recta to- and from their dis. Not calculated on losses underneath their fast feet and plates full, like a soldier with shield in the attack.

Then mien maetjes and I see that in the morning a man and wife escorted by their Labrador dog, come to have breakfast.. They are taken by the staff and escorted to their table.. Their wishes are converted by staff into food and drinks brought..

The man and woman are blind, the man leads the labrador and the woman the white-red shaded cane that paves their path, where necessary. And the dog wagging like a propeller powered by delicious aromas that cater to him in sight of the kitchen.. The dog pulls lightly and pushes and runs gently against the legs of its owners to indicate the desired route.. They sit every meal in the place specially reserved for them..

These people don't see hand in mind.. But there are more roads to Rome or in this case Andalusia, almost the same.. Smell, hearing, touch and feeling and an undeniable sixth sense make the lack of sight more than good for them.

They are polite, patiently waiting for what's coming and doing their thing every day. The lady does not see any external manifestations of blindness and she also wears glasses.. Her eyes seem extinguished but I think there's another very small veil of light (1-5%) coming into her.

The man's face gives a different visual image. Possibly due to an eye disease, an accident, or unfortunately born without eye light. Basing purely on its appearances.

We as a family greet these people and get an immediate response in Spanish.. There's nothing wrong with their ears.. By touch, they are guided by staff to outside the dining room.. In the immense corridor they go with their labrador to find their route.. Incredibly endearing this older couple and Labrador.. I know their dog shouldn't be petted, that's the case with a blind guide dog..

The 2nd holiday day we enjoy the streets of Isla Christina.. At a big roundabout, you don't believe it, the blind oldies come guided by Labrador. They want to cross the busy road, but something is stopping them.. The dog stops. Because it's not the time or place to cross over, yet.

The crossing is some distance away.. I speak to the oldies and Paco, as the man is called, grabs my arm and relies on my voice. Would he have saved it in his personal download?? It could. The woman talks and doesn't want to be caught by my Carla.. So she grabs with one arm, and Labrador walks with a little bit on the other arm.. Apparently, the condition for them is only safe enough to rely on strangers along this busy road..

Anyway, after assisting crossing the street, let the oldies go their way. Striking and unbelievable is the fact that they subiet cross another busy road and walk further into the hustle and bustle.. What do you need?? Nothing, just letting them go ahead. After all, they grew old with that..

We'll never see it again, I think suddenly.. We, in turn, would never make it with our eyes closed in this hustle and substantial darkness.. Could you smell or feel colors? I hope it for them. Imagination does a lot with people, like these positivos, right?! They walk quietly and mastered without any adorn or ornamental..

In the town we enjoy the beautiful old narrow streets, typical Spanish shops and the beautiful dilapidated state of cottages and further beautifully renovated typical buildings.. Where mass tourism is still in its infancy, some vacationers — so we- walk unsolicited by the Mediterranean sun.. Which directs us somewhat by shadows..

You guessed it, in the evening the positivos will return to the hotel with labrador.. So they found their way back easily.. They don't eat until the big crowds are over and the staff has a little more time for them.. They are served at their beckons as always..

After dinner they get up and are escorted outside the dining room, after which Paco takes big steps in particular.. Apparently he knows the route inside the hotel..

Outside big and small inside. Not helped on the street and inside the dining room clumsy....

One night I see Paco, his wife and Labrador get up from their table and finished their meal.. As an unspoken signal to be escorted outward. However, the staff doesn't see it and are file-ed in the crowds.. They stand for a few minutes, without help or assistance.

I get up and help them to the exit with Labrador, after having addressed them. It's right away and they take my arm, then I accompany them.

They steal through the immense building to their rooms with great steps.. When I return I will be thanked by the Chef Service for my little humanitarian action..

A little later I see Paco is going to take a round out with Labrador.. Labrador has plenty of bacon on his ribs and he's tucked into the table from all sorts of food.. And with a dog it's true that what goes above has to be out at the back.

Paco goes out with Labrador every day..

It's nice that these positivos still want and can and dare on holiday,

We have enjoyed and seen a lot of beauty in Andalusia, the positivos and Labrador undoubtedly different..

Blind in Andalucia