Block poster autumn - coloring page for 25 people

Do you want to create one large coloring sheet poster with 25 people? When you have it ready, it is no less than 140cm wide and 101cm high!

Each gets a portion of the coloring page in A4 format. You color that, e.g. with wax crayons, paint, markers or pencil. You can also cover your own A4 with pieces of paper, colored ribbons, sticky stones, feathers or other crazy things.

If you then, after everyone is ready, stick all parts together (on the back with adhesive tape) you have a work of art together! Nice to hang in the hall!


Click here for the (free) PDF file of 25 pages (25x A4 format). (26 p incl cover page)

This large coloring page in PDF for several people, is on the website of The Craft Teacher Ede. Open the PDF and print out the 25 pages!

Below you can see what the coloring page CAN look like when all 25 people randomly color their A4. But yours is of course becoming MUCH and MUCH more beautiful! Will you send in the photo so we can add it below? That would be nice!


Tip: The Inspiration Color Case from Crayola is the color set for the real creative person! This extensive colour case contains several high quality color items for making the most beautiful creations. In addition, the case is easy to take with you anywhere. Crayola's stationery gives the brightest and brightest colors. This color set contains no less than 150 parts. The ink of attached felt-tip pens is easily washable from skin and clothing.

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