Block poster Pirates - coloring page for 25 people

Ahoy! 🏴‍☠️ Do you have the theme of pirates or pirates at school, shelter, club or association? Then create with 25 pirates this fun Blockposter! The giant coloring sheet consists of 25 x A4 size sheets, which you can download below for free. If you have colored all 25 sheets, the mega poster is 140cm wide and 100cm high! Each gets a part of the coloring sheet in A4 format. That color you in, with eg. wax crayons, paints, markers or coloured pencil. You can also cover your own A4 with pieces of paper, coloured ribbons, sticky stones, feathers or other crazy things.

Then it's just a little puzzle together to get the 25 pieces back as one whole, a fun teamwork job, where you learn to work together. When all the parts are glued together (on the back with adhesive tape) you will have a collectively large Pirate artwork! Nice to hang in the hall, canteen, banquet hall or classroom!

Or maybe he'll fit your pirate ship?


Click here for the (free) PDF file of 25 pages (25 x A4 format).

This large coloring page in PDF for several people, is available on the website of Crea with Kids. Open the PDF and print out the 25 pages! So all hands on deck, scrub the wall and bring out the colors, there's work to do.!

Below you can see how the coloring page CAN look if the coloring sheet is colored. But this is done by one person, so yours will of course become MUCH and MUCH prettier! Please send in the photo so that we can add it below? That would be super fun!


Why do pirates wear an eye patch?

A funny fact about the pirate eye patch! It's not like this to hide their orbit! But real pirates do wear an eye patch. That's what she does, so there's always one eye in the dark. That's how the eye gets used to the dark and so pirates can see better in the night when they rob other ships in the dark! (Some soldiers also use this technique of eyes!) 🏴‍☠️

Below also some nice pirate shopping tips, which you can't miss!

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