Block poster Spring - coloring page for 25 people

Delicious Spring! Create a Blockposter with 25 people, this time with the theme of Spring! It's a fun team project and it also stimulates collaboration. A Block Poster is a giant poster consisting of blocks. It is a PDF of 25 pages (A4 format), which you can stick together. It is then about 150 x 100cm! Color one page each, and puzzle together the blockposter (25 pieces)!

Fun to hang out at school, nursery, club, association or camping. Also just at home can, but do you have room on the wall for such a large coloring sheet? With 25 people, each colour an A4, with coloured pencil, pencil, wax crayon or maybe something else. Or color the megaposter with fewer people, who then color multiple petals. The PDF of this Spring Block Poster can be downloaded for free below, and then of course print out. Do you have enough print sheets (25 pieces) in your printer?


This is the whole coloring page, if you attach all 25 A4 pieces together. On each page there is a sticky edge, so it fits perfectly together. Now just color “a little”! The PDF file is available on the website of Crea with Kids, it is (of course) free and can be found by clicking here.:



And this is how it looks colored, if you color it on your own.. but coloring together and making one piece of art is of course much and much more fun.

Lots of color fun and oh yes.. a delicious Spring!!

And below also 3 nice spring booklets!

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