Blood-hot and ice-cold: Why is this anticlimax?

#IJSKELDER 😍 Ice cellar new to the paint >
An ice cellar is a separate cellar, usually barrel-shaped, of quite great depth (5 meters is not strange), in which during the winter, large (1 m × 20 cm × 20 cm) pieces of ice from a (nearby) pond or ditch are stored. In north-western Europe, the ice was often covered with hay for insulation. If the ice cellar has a (large) aboveground construction one speaks more of an ice house or more generally of an #ijsruimte .
Where to find the ice cellar: #Landgoed #Heidestein is a nature reserve between Zeist and #Driebergen -Rijssenburg on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. The area is located on the north side of the Arnhemsebovenweg estate Bornia. To the northeast it borders the forests of Austerlitz and to the northwest the district of Kerckebosch of Zeist and the Zeister forests.