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This a very traditional Christmas cake in Portugal that deserves a special post.

Bolo-Rei (the king’s cake)

The famous Bolo-Rei cake is one of the Christmas traditions that in Portugal does not go unnoticed to practically any family. It’s like a big doughnut. Round shape with a hole in the middle, having candied fruit and dried fruit both inside and outside (decoration). It displays the vibrant colours of Portugal in fruit: red and green, mainly.

In former times, this cake used to have a fava bean and a little trinket inside, a small metal object. However, like many fun things, this was forbidden by the EU some years ago for safety reasons.

According to tradition, the person who got the slice of cake containing the broad beans, would have to pay for the cake the following year.

Nowadays, and due to the large number of people who do not consume candied fruit, there are several variants of this Christmas sweet, namely the Bolo-Rainha (meaning “queen’s cake”, made exclusively with nuts - walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts...), the chocolate king cake, and the king cake with gila pumpkin.